I’m going in for number 7!

7 used to be my second lucky number! Just so you all know. And as my lucky number in China is considered to be highly unlucky, maybe I should swap? 

I went to Falsterbo for the last few days in Sweden. It’s in the south of Sweden and hosts a huge international 5* and National championship in Show jumping and dressage. My family was invited by Lisen Bratt Fredicson who had a table overlooking the main arena! We had 4 days of show jumping in mixed weather. I didn’t get to the dressage arena but the Swedes won everything! More or less everybody cycles in Falsterbo, except me. 

I think all the traveling and not riding at all this “cycle” of chemo has taken it’s toll, on top of the fact that I should be getting more and more tired with every chemo. Now I need to have an afternoon snooze as well as going to bed early. (Sometimes I only last until 9pm). On the flip side mornings is me! I wake up between 4am and 5am with no possibility of sleep returning. 

In Sweden we have not had the joy of television so books is the new TV (maybe it’s the old TV…)! At the moment I’m reading a Liza Marklund from 2002, Prime Time. It’s very compulsive reading, the combination of tiredness and reading means I haven’t updated this blog for this week.

Yesterday I flew back to London via Denmark with my cousin Caroline. The girls and Dan flew back to Mallorca. Millie (the youngest at 4) has started using my in her words “little hair” as it’s grown back a little and is super soft. She pats it a like a cuddly toy and strokes my “little hair”. The request of my staying in her bed at night for her to use me instead of her cuddly monkey has been made. The doctor last time told me not to get my hopes up too high regarding the hair growing back as chemo has this nasty effect of no glamour for women. It might start growing a little and then fall out again, well so far so “little hair” good, now six week on new chemo and still getting more cuddly by the day! Also still piling on the weight so really am getting more cuddly by the minute… Maybe I’ll end up a cuddly toy for said daughter?

When it comes to wearing a wig, Sweden has been partly good as it’s not too hot generally, the wind on the other hand made wearing wig a little scary. I ended up wearing hat on top of wig and made a safer sandwich of headgear that didn’t fall off! Back in the UK a little better but still hot sometimes on trains/underground, and now with my little hair I have been compared to Sìnead O’Conner or G.I. Jane so I guess I could bare it. My headshape is of the enviable frame for a person that likes possessing short trims. Going “naked” to me has a new meaning, it’s more of bearing my head than other body parts. Maybe it will become the new norm when back in Mallorcas tropical superheat. Yesterday we did try on a new longer wig, it made me look like a cross-dresser… Even the client next mirror agreed, no long hair in a wig for me, strange I never thought of myself at all ever looking like a transvestite in my own hair when it was long… Not even when it was pink! Maybe I lived in a fantasy world and should be corrected.

Coming back to the lucky numbers. Me and Caroline yesterday compared lists of accidents/breaks/illnesses/operations and it does seam my list being a lot longer. I could blame it on her being younger, or that she isn’t as high impact sport active as me, but she played horse polo professionally so I don’t think so. I don’t think you can change your lucky number as it has certain values to you personally. And I’m still here so that’s pretty lucky I think!

Keep smiling 🙂 The world is turning and my “little hair” is way cuddly! Bring on number 7! After today one to go!

I got almost as many likes as my horses grey spotty bottom!

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