Sunday- Day 4 on sofa

I thought I haven’t spent enough time on our sofa in the last year so if just give it a little loving so he knows how draw he is!

Alright, I’m not going to lie. This is another tough passage in my “healing after head injury trauma blog”. Maybe I should rename the blog to something along the lines of “traumatic trauma blog for the clinically traumatized” or how about “1 year of being in hospital more times than I have been out seeing my friends”?

Of course I could bore you all by saying how sick and tired I am by being sick (I am not tired anymore!) but I’d rather fill you with my very own half insightful thoughts. Everybody have been very supportive and I have more DVDs here than I actually think I’ll be able to watch. There is an ongoing line of questioning “why does it always happen to you?” So I have been thinking about that.

I do not believe I conduct myself in a dangerous manner around what I do. Maybe it could be related to how much I manage to get out of a day. (Normally, not now!)

On an average day or even working hour I mange to do twice or three times the average of anyone else I know. Of course the initial head injury made me slow down because of factual physical limitations. But as I adopted my theories and changed the way to work to fit my new slightly modified left side power and stability, my natural speed started to return again.

Just think about this. If you had 48hrs in a day and you cramped everything in that you normally do in 2 days then shrink it back to your normal 24hrs but keep all your activities in there. That’s where I am normally. That’s where I belong naturally.

So the accidents that I get surrounded by could partly be due to the speed I do things in.

I had a great comment from a friend saying “If it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have any luck at all!”. At least in this parallel universe I am still around to tell my story. But it breaks my heart knowing how far I had come back to my old self before this latest catastrophy.

My fear now is the return of Parkinsonism because of limited moving around. It was only after I had started riding again the tremors stopped. And after finishing on the dopamine that I had enough syrcronization to start to run again. Therefore I am already on the lookout for any method where I can exercise my right hand side without disturbing my left now broken and bruised side. Try to google for some and there just aren’t any…

After the doctor said I had broken my elbow and a bone in my knee I have had a trial of googling human skeleton to find out what bones they could be.

In the knee it looks like it could be the top of my fibula (the thinner of the two bones going through your lower leg). In the elbow it seams to be the radial head. But other lovely friends of mine has offered to look at ex rays and come back to me with suggestions and advise.

A lot of you ask if I’m in a lot of pain, and thankfully, not too much. Only when I move. So lying on a sofa at the moment makes sense, although I’m always looking forward, so any tips for keeping “active” whilst in plaster all left side would be very appreciated!

Keep smiling 🙂 Even when you feel you can’t it’s still better than frowning!

One thought on “Sunday- Day 4 on sofa

  1. Hej olyckskorpen 😉

    Kan du använda fingrarna i den vänstra handen? Om du kan det börja sticka eller virka, då får du dessutom en ordentlig hjärngympa på kuppen.

    Krya på dig!!

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