Pride goes before fall. From the Book of Proverbs 18:12.

I was being a little cocky for a nano second of my pathetic being.

And what happened was… well a broken leg and a broken arm… tells you how close I was to the truth!

It’s a definite sign that I was onto something big! I have had weird accidents like the one that put me in a coma a year ago, and today’s accident that cemented into my scull “Don’t mess with the gods of Lego!”. I was minding my own business working away on my horses and I was following a routine I started just a week ago. Basically dividing the amount of horses I have to work in 2 and have a break after I finished riding half of them.

As I was getting on to number 5 of 6 of the day she was very annoyed about the flies around her belly and swishing her tail. As I put my right leg over her behind it got caught in her tail.
I decided to get of her and as I did she started to panic as my boot was still stuck in her tail.
She decided to bolt away as quick as she could and it made me go flying. Not far only about 150cm on to ground as I was already on way off her but boy did it get me. My entire left side was dragged after the fall on gravel. And even though I don’t even feel anything on my left side, it hurt.

It hurt so much I went from normally pleasant self to howling, swearing, spitting, choking new self. Santa Maria has never before been enlightened in such a broad array of Swedish swear words. They just came hailing through my shouting mouth and in to the infinity of fresh country air surrounding the stables. I was in pain.

Previously I have almost felt a little joy just to feel something on my left side. I wasn’t too bothered it was pain. At least it was something! Now I felt pure shear pain cutting through me like nothing ever had before.

People came to my rescue only to be told off “do not touch me”!

I was taken away to hospital in kindest possible manner by Eduardo the stable owner. Still trying to make some sense of the horrible horrible accidents that keep coming my way.

At Juaneda I met lots of my old friends! I had bled so much from my elbow I had to tell them all at the hospital that it wasn’t wee on my jodhpurs, it was blood.

2 hours later I had been stitched up and x rayed! At first they said no worries, so I already started planning tomorrow’s riding order when the doctor came by me a couple of times asking if I had seen any person with translation skills.

He eventually found one… And the news were not so good. Broken elbow. And broken knee.

So that’s why I was in pain! I’ve only ever broken, my collarbone, a few ribs, my pelvis, my left foot, my coccyx. But I have maybe gotten a litter older and fragile. I can’t remember pain like it.

Having to cancel everything planned for the next few days. I got a little annoyed. Then I was released from the hospital and taken back home by my lovely husband. Then for you who have been at my house and realise the structure of it, came the problem. How on earth do you get anywhere with a broken leg if you can’t use crutches? Well the short answer is -you just don’t!

As we got back home and I hauled my ass out of the car standing on one leg, trying to balance or hop to get the 25m from the car park to our back door. In the end I got carried on a chair the 25m by husband (slightly more sweaty now) and Katja who only started a couple of weeks ago to be my assistant and help out at home a little. The two of them carried my chariot and in the end I got all the way to the 5 steps to go up to my house. Here a me technique developed. Me sitting on my bottom pulling myself up backwards whilst Dan was holding my fully plastered broken leg. In the end I was pulled on top of an ikea rug the final 10m. I made it! I was totally knackered. Had pain in most of my left side. Decided to lay on the floor and feel sorry for myself. For 5 min. Then I managed to pull myself up on the sofa, being aided by my now loving husband.

So here I am. I doubt I’ll move very far, if at all in the next couple of weeks.

Keep smiling 🙂 I have been through a bit in the last year and if I can’t smile for something, I decide to smile at me. For being to up most cursed person I know, one day I’ll be able to write about it all!

5 thoughts on “Pride goes before fall. From the Book of Proverbs 18:12.

  1. Herregud, har just läst hela din nya blogg – vad du håller på att gå igenom! Och sedan detta att bryta knä och arm ovanpå…. Säg till om du känner dig social någon dag och vill ha besök, jag får räkna med att bli utskälld 🙂 keep smiling and writing

  2. What would you do without IKEA? OMG I can’t believe your luck, and yes, your house is definetely not ideal for anyone with broken bones. Hopefully you can rest well and heal quicker. Lots of love xx

  3. Hi Emile,

    Dan just e-mailed me your latest news. I am so sorry, not what you guys needed at the moment. Try not to get too down – given all your recent troubles, it is a really tough break ( maybe not the best word to use right now). Naughty, naughty horse!

    Hope you are not too uncomfortable and recovery is rapid.
    Mike and Sian

  4. Sorry to hear! You are so so so due a massively brilliant thing to happen and it will, it has to, you are way to amazing a person for it not to and when it does it will be fantastic xxxx

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