Almost a whole year gone by

It’s 51 weeks since the Wednesday morning in October 2012. I know this year it will fall on a Thursday but that’s a calendar thing, no fault of mine.

So many things have been going through my mind and it still is going over and over again. What my life was before the accident, and what has become of my life, work, family in the last year.

Of course I am thankful. That I am still here, to see my lovely children learn new things and growing up into 3 wonderful independent beings. That I can still ride, and in the last month that I have come back to the rider I was before the accident. Altered slightly, but in essence, “same same but different” they would have called me if I was anything in Thailand.

The other week I had this insightful thought. About plural universes. Simultaneously working with the same pieces of lets say “Lego” that all started out more or less identical, but since every choice made by every piece of “Lego” divides the universe, we end up in quad zillions of universes all living our lives according to the choices we made. I was convinced for almost a whole day that I was actually dead, in my last universe. And now I had continued my new life in this new universe…

I know, it makes my head hurt a little, trying to put words to my accidental unplanned thinking spree.

I am now more focused on staying getting better day by day. And soon the 3/10 will be here. And hopefully I will still be around to write about it!

Keep smiling 🙂 imagine you in your other universes!!! Who would you be?

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