So the riding continues!

Now I am more back riding, and also mucking out and grooming horses, everything to bring me back to my former glory!

My friends are divided. Some think I do things too quickly, others are so chuffed I am getting back to the normal me so fast. I am divided. On a horse I feel normal. It might be that my spine knows riding better than it knows walking or running. I don’t even feel weaker on my left side on a horse. Even just of the horse standing next to it or sitting down I feel weaker on my left side. So on a horse I now work walk trot and canter and I can get the horses really work.

The lateral flatwork is insanely the same standard as it always has been, even on Lara that was taking advantage of Elena’s weak side by changing canter has stopped doing it with me immediately.

I also have been going to the gym successfully. Yesterday i spent an hour at the gym and today about an hour and a half on horses or mucking out stables.

The rest of my life is getting back in to how it used to be except No driving and No going on  bikes for now.

Dan is in the UK with his dad at the moment. It’s quite lonely here without him, but we busy ourselves. Today by singing in the swedish church!

I have also coloured my hair. It became blue… It was supposed to be purple, but I now have Katie Perry blue hair…. Ah never mind, bad hair day is nothing that really bothers me. I’m honestly too caught up in getting stronger and better that worrying about my hair comes quite low down on my list… Although I am coloring it, so I must therefore care even if just a little bit.

Now I’m going to try and get my 2 older girls to have a much needed bath. They have stoically denied the offers of warm bath so now rather than offering i might start telling them to go have a bath…. or else…..

Keep Smiling 🙂 I can’t stop smiling at the time, even when my hair is blue and my Dan is away!

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