The shows have started!

But I’m on the floor teaching rather than jumping myself.
First show yesterday for Silvia and Rulle since September. We have been training a lot!
The show went ok. I did all trainer duties as well as I could but show nerves got the better of Silvia. A real shame as I have promised both her and her competitors as a real threat this year.
My riding is coming on so strong! In the saddle I count myself as already 85%!
On the floor round about 65%, so big difference.
I do my exercises every day. Mostly for balance and yoga with Linda which is a combination of equilibrium and strength.
She does kundalini yoga which is quite medical and precise. I now manage to do 26 frogs in a row. When I started yoga I could do maybe 7-8 frogs.
A frog is where you in kundalini yoga stand on your toes with your heals together. Your hands are on floor in front of you, thumbs pointing together and other fingers spread out but standing up on finger tips. Then on in-breath by straitening your legs and allowing your head to come down, you then breathe out and flex your knees and look up and forward. Very hard!
Linda jokingly told me if a man can do 108 frogs he is a keeper… How about if he can only do say 5-8? Can I keep him regardless?
I have had some awesome feedback on the blog. I am down to writing it on my phone now so therefore not as frequent as I’d like. But spelling might improve!
I am thinking of rewriting some of the blog and add some things from the hospital before the rehabilitation in Switzerland. I believe we have it all in us. To stay strong and work through tough times. I believe my strength might be that I never find myself regretting things I have done. If I cannot make a change to something that bothers me, I simply will put it in black and white and make it small and hide it behind one of my memory pillars somewhere in my vast empty brain.
The two no maybe three things I’d like to get better at is drawing, writing and singing. I have lost hope ( put in black and white made it small and hit it behind inspiration pillar) of my playing any type of instrument. As I now would not only have to work against my low capacity of separating left and right hand when I play piano or guitar, but now I also have a left hand not strong enough or capable of working fingers separately. Hey ho! I’m sure if I keep on working there might be a chance for me to take up basic strumming in a year or two.
Oh yesterday on several occasions people approached me and talked to me and I had no recollection of their faces. So we were at a show, it meant they were horse related. Most of them probably knows about my accident, the others might have found me a bit weird, on the other hand I have always not been their cup of normal, so I can just sigh and relax.
As I can’t drive until October (b&w small, hide behind pillar of ways of getting around)I am now always looking for company to take me away from the stable or just come over for a coffee everything will be considered!
Keep smiling 🙂 I’ll keep practicing my singing, drawing and writing!

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