So much to do

So little time. I wrote this very long and interesting feature on here telling all about my advances in healing crusiate ligament, then it disappeared… the full 567 words of it.

In short: My progress is ok. I’m back riding and where at first I couldn’t do riding trot with my right leg in the stirrup and only lasted for one horse I now happily ride 3 and do both riding trot as well as standing up in 2 point position.

The Spanish doctor here had never heard about a fixing of broken crusiate and injecting it with STEM cells. He said I have to prepare to have to do a transplant in April. I hope the MRI I will have in a couple of weeks will prove him wrong. I’ll know more on the 10/4.

Lovely Elena (groom and master of my horses) is pregnant and we have been on the lookout for a maternity replacement for her. A tough call but we have found someone brave enough to join our faboulus team!

We have another even bigger project in the making, more on that when I get to sit down for a few minutes the next time!

And finally meet our newest family members. Michel Maximus Marsh and Margery Malificent Marsh. Mike and Maggie for short!

Keep smiling 🙂 when there still are puppies in the world it’s still the best place to be!

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