Download Duo SVT vote for Peder!

In my brace. Only 4 weeks 4 days to go! On my way to Sweden. There I will meet up with family and friends. 

Tomorrow evening I have been invited to Idrottsgalan! It’s the equivalent of Sportspersonality of the year in the U.K. and it’s hosted in Globen, the massive globe shaped arena south of stockholm.

I’m going thanks to Peder Fredricson and his wife Lisen who I work with. Peder got a silver at the Olympic Games in Rio and he and All In were the only pair totally without a fence down through the entire competition. He is now shortlisted for the Jerringprice, the most popular sports person of the year. There are only 5 swedish sport personalities left and Peder is one of them! It’s all down to voting so please help Peder and download the Duo STV app, open the “Idrottsgalan” and vote for Peder! You get 3 votes for free! You only need a platform to download the app… google translate will help you with the Swedishness of it all!

At the moment in transit. Waiting for oh beautiful wheelchair assistance at Palma airport.

They came! And now on to further fantastic delivery truck to get me to the gate! Oh the lives the people in assistance service are living. I am sure I would also see it as a punishment of one of the higher orders but at least I wouldn’t let that get me down. I will get them to read this blog! Enjoy your lives, there will not be anyone else there to make you have “more fun” or be responsible for your happiness! Create your own highs, don’t use any chemical substitute.

Now thinking about hi-jacking said sporty assistance vehicle as have been abandoned by 4th sour assistant!

Keep smiling šŸ™‚ the days are getting longer and there might be light at the end of the tunnel

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