Skiing…. Who would have thought.

I stop myself some days. This is one of those days. I stop and think. How lucky I am to still be here. To still be able to do these things.
We have travelled as a family unit to the Austrian alp town of Sant Anton. Here the kids are experiencing snow for the first time, and I am rediscovering standing on skis!
Today was the first real ski day. We had a 3 hour lesson. It almost ended in tears as I hit an energy low “bonking bad” after about 2 hrs and 12min. To completely run out any steam on top of a mountain. Not having enough energy to see clearly let alone ski downhill. My double vision kicked in high speed and it took me a good 15min to do a very easy run and I finished having to take the gondola egg lift back down. A bit of a shame but good overall and when I managed to get down and have a hot chocolate I joined my 2 oldest daughters during their ski lesson… Flying V’s in serpentines!!! Awesome!
At the end I realize I should just be happy. For an abundance of things. I have to stop myself sometimes, just to think back of where I was very recently.
At the moment it’s my recurring double vision which is my enemy… I’m not so sure I should see “him” as an enemy, sometimes when I watch something that I love it makes me happy to see twice of it! But come January I am going to London to see an eye specialist to see if something can be done about the eyes…

Keep smiling 🙂 the snow keeps falling on beautiful mountains! Some things should have no color and be very cold to be perfect!

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