First show back

The middle of November 2014 seamed like a good time to do my comeback!
As a show jumper that is.
Lara was on her upmost best behavior and we decided just to jump the 1meter class.
Warming up I probably jumped more fences consecutively than I have done In the last 18 months but it was ok!
I do still suffer from double vision but when I either ignore it or decide to follow only one of my “visions” it’s alright. I probably wouldn’t jump anything much bigger than 1 meter when I have the double vision. It’s not that I have 2 identical images side by side, they are kind of on top slightly slotted next to each other, slightly on an angle… I promise not great for deciding distance!
I tried closing one eye and that was better… But then I closed the other eye. Disaster! I didn’t close them both at the same time because that would have been beyond stupid, but I came to the realization on the way to a small-ish vertical in the warm-up that I am not only right handed I am also very right eyed! Closing my right eye made the approach impossible. The “distance-depth” to fence was unreadable! By relaying on the right eye was much better.

I will venture on in trying to improve this silly double vision thingie…

Keep Smiling 🙂
When I’m tired you brighten my day doubly!!!

One thought on “First show back

  1. Hi,
    I thought the whole idea with show jumping was that the horses makes the job determining where the barriers are, and how high they need to jump? So my question to you is if you don’t trust your beloved equestrian tools? Or do they also suffer from double vision?
    Any way, it’s good that the doctors seem to be on track with your tiredness. Hopefully they can twist your eyesight back again!
    Good Luck

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