Old blog from 3/12: New goals

Hello people!
I am now trying to look forward to what’s to happen in my life.
As the world looks like it’s nearing it’s definite end I’m beginning to feel ok again. More energy to do “normal things”. I can now cook and do some shopping for house items.
We have started our rebuild at home. Changing the kitchen and downstairs.

Well I started to write this a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have jetted around Europe. I’ve found a new member to my team of jumpers. I have managed to go to Stockholm to go to the Sweden International Show, which is now held at “the pre-gates of hell”, Sweden national arena “Friends” (more like ‘fiend arena’ as it’s also the homegrown for my team Djurgardens arch rivals aik.)

I survived! And better yet the show was a success!!! So maybe they will start using Friends arena for more horse related stuff?

I have started my come back career…jumping 1mtr at a club show. It’s a bit crazy with the double vision at times but I find closing one eye helps.

My new goal is to get stronger, more positive, keep jumping, find out a solution for the double vision, possible find time to stay creative, not bore people, be nice to my family.

For Christmas we are planning to stay at home!

Keep Smiling 🙂
Stay true to yourself

So much can happen in such short space of time…

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