Happy Valentines to all

I read something hilarious today, “it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a loved one for Valentine’s Day, most people who celebrate world HIV day don’t have AIDS…” Ah well, it made me smile a little.
So time flies! I have not been updating you at all as I am busy trying to live my life… As normal as I can.
I still get extreme tiredness, when this happens I am too tired to write about it, when it stops I am too busy getting things done again that I might have missed out on. Oh life. It’s such a wheel. You just get going in a roll and for me it just continues, until I physically can’t do any more. I have always lacked a little and am still lacking the ability to slow down… I’m just not very good at it.
So here for a short update.
I was in England in January and it was confirmed I have double vision as a result of muscles on left side is pulling eye in wrong direction. I am cross eyed. Well hell no, people will say that meet me on a daily basis, you are not crossed eyed. We can’t see it! Well apparently I can be cross eyed, just a little bit and it’s enough to make my vision double. Especially when I’m tired. Then I see everything twice… And one of the images are sideways and slightly ahead of the other one. Driving a car or jumping a horse is a slight no no… At least when I’m tired. Closing one eye helps…
Well I was lucky enough to get an appointment for an eye op here in February. So next week I will fly over to London and spend a few days before the operation. The doctor said the operation is straight forward and you basically go in for the op in the morning and you are allowed back home in the afternoon.
So at least I will hopefully get back to my single vision again. And maybe then I can start jumping a little again? I have during the last couple of days been helping a friend with her dressage horse so maybe this is a sign of the path I should take from here on?
As long as I don’t become an eventer my friend Sammy thinks it’s ok.

Keep Smiling 🙂 if you can still feel the highs as well as the lows you are still able to feel!!! Happy Valentine’s Day

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