Oh wicked world

Here I might add I should put something about the eye operation I had 5 days ago. 

A ground breaking, muscle cutting eye operation. I went under a general anasthetic, the op was fairly straight forward and vision should get better. Less double but not 100%. But at least I should no longer suffer so much with double vision when I get tired. 

The sad truth is that even though I’ve had the op. It went ok. I’m now back at home. I had some really bad news before I left for England. The kind of news you never would like to get, not that I’ve not had my share of bad news in the past couple of years. I’ve been diagnosed with cancer. And the tumor according to the Spanish doctor had to come out as soon as possible. Luckily my husband is one of a kind and as we already were in London he arranged meetings with specialists in Harley Street. They suggested a chemo to shrink the tumor before removing it, this would make it possible to just remove the tumour rather than all of my chest.

I’ve had to be careful in who I tell this new news. People are more sensitive than me. They break down. Sometimes in front of me. It’s not that great. And I can relate to their fury and feeling of disbelief. Of course I’m right in the middle of it all. Again. It’s like I’m looking to be the centre of attention. Well again I think I’ve managed it. If not in a coma/mother of 3 girls under 7/ half broken/ now riddled by cancer. 

It’s ok, I’m gonna beat this as I am sure to conquer all other nasty things thrown my way. I’ve now managed to break the news to my fabulous 3 daughters. Tonight I’m traveling back to England again. To start my chemo and other tests. It’s not what I had hoped for. I thought 2015 for me would be a year to start jumping again.

Maybe 2015 instead will be a year of finally getting some insight into how I should become a better person. A more tolerant person. Someone who can stand up to all this agony and evil and laugh at it……. Maybe someone slightly insane……. That could be me!

Keep smiling 🙂 it will make the wicked of the world wonder.

7 thoughts on “Oh wicked world

  1. Söta fina bästa du! Skit också. Tycker du haft din del av motgångar i livet. Massvis med styrkekramar till dig och familjen från oss alla!

  2. Emily,I’ve just seen your message.I thought of you this morning.Thank you for telling.You are as is Dan & your gorgeous girls in my thoughts and prayers even more now.If you are in this neck of the woods & feel like a little socialising I’d love to see you , or if not that’s cool too.I wish you much love ,much strength and much positivity.ALL my love .let’s think to happy times and smile &let the wicked of the wold wonder xxx

  3. Emelie, I haven’t seen you for years – but I stumbled across your blog yesterday and can’t believe what you have been through and what you are now facing. I know you will face it all with strength and humour and I just want you to know I’m thinking of you and sending positive thoughts towards you xxx

  4. Emelie, You blog is just fantastic and in a way maybe a good release for you to get your head out of hospital mode and into a createive one. You are putting up an amazing fight, and all the while wtih great style. The wig sounds super cute and I am sure really suits you. We are thinking of you over here and really hoping that your health returns quickly and you can get back on the horse, so to speak.
    Lots of love to you Dan and the girls and I look forward to reading more of your regular updates. You write very well.

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