Run Forrest Run!

We have had a beautiful week in the north Devon coast village of Croyde. We went there to become surfers and body boarders but sadly because of a decrease of weather goodness in the land of Eng, surfing was reduced to a day but in the meantime as I wasn’t riding I had to find something physical to do to drain my over energetic brain that otherwise goes in to over drive.

Most people can’t see that anything has ever been wrong with me if they meet me afresh now. Only if I point out what they should look out for they can spot my weaknesses. That is until I run. There is an episode of Friends where Phoebe takes Rachel for a run in the park. Phoebe looks like a mix of a raving lunatic and a child. I think my coordination has a little way to go before I can look less like her. Actually I think at the moment I resemble a female version of Forrest Gump. But I don’t mind. I’m actually running! I started on a 2 kilometer track and took my 7 year old daughter and we finished with a couple of sandy sprints on the beach!
I’m sure that people if they did see us was wondering what the retarded pink haired lady was doing with the awesomely fast small girl, but we created magic. On my third day of running I started to feel stronger already and I built up longer tracks to run. My last run was 8.1km long over a cross country track running along the coast, beautiful! And ok, all coordination isn’t there already, but it’s slowly getting better!

Today I am flying from UK to Sweden via Schipol airport and I haven’t had to use airport assistance at all! I’m doing alright!

Keep smiling 🙂 if you end up next to a snorer in your flight start singing a little, find a tune that kind of keeps the same rhythm as the snorer… Or else a sharp elbow in his ribs might do the trick?

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