Oh plain plane hell

The journey that stared this morning is still ongoing. But rather than stopping for a hot chocolate and a brownie in Amsterdam we took of with a plane that had a mechanical problem only to return an hour and a half later to Amaterdam’s airport. At least we got to turn around and change planes… Think of all the positives!!!!
I still have a seat…
Some people didn’t get on to this flight . This time we are in a Boeing 737-700. It only has room for 132 passengers. The Boeing 737-800 we were on had room for 189 passengers. You do math. No happy travelers! Anyway I managed to get my seat! I travel without assistance but luckily the change did not involve to many stairs. So I made it. And even though the previous short flight involved a whole lot of screaming children, this one does not…
Maybe they left all small crying babies in Amsterdam? I know I shouldn’t even think this but oh how ingenious!!! I know it’s no ones fault as such. It’s just a bit unlucky. But the air stewardesses are being real troupers.
When in Amsterdam I was overtaken by two shall we say “generously” built air stewardesses. My thought was immediately “oh wow, that’s quite brave for an airline to employ such shapely figures”.
Anyway as it turned out they do t work in the plane. Only checking people on to it. And here on this slightly smaller plane I realize, being a generously shaped person does not go hand in hand with working on planes.
As I’ve realized from word go with my sleekish “smart”phone iPhone 5. It has been put in a good wording his morning for me.
“Smartphone, dumb battery” it’s not even lunch time yet and I am on less than 10%.
Keep Smiling 🙂 your journey will feel shorter! 🙂

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