2 years today

It’s the 3/10. It will always be with me. A reminder. My own personal nine-eleven. 2 years to the day of the horrific accident.

I am no further in knowing why I had the accident but probably or possibly because of that I got totally whacked today. I just had no energy, well it’s all comparative I guess. I’ve ridden 4 horses and given 3 lessons today as well as going to the federation to get Myrna licensed to ride. Anyway it made me so tired I’ve been sofa bound for the evening.

I’ve started to use a new tool.
It’s incredible. You wear it all the time and it calculates what you do and how you do it! Everything from steps you take to how you sleep.
If you want to know more you can add in what you eat and when you eat to see if your energy levels are correct or if you are like me- a freak of nature.
I actually don’t need any more proof, but as I have the technology I am now overly sure I am different from most people. Call me a freak, but at least I’m a survivor!
In this enormous heat in Mallorca I am forced not to run. As running might kill me. Literally kill me. It’s been unbelievably hot here. So even though I previously ran this summer, now I’m not running, but I blamed it on the heat. Now I instead blame my special anniversary/ tiredness.

Tomorrow is a better day. It’s bigger. It’s got a 4 in it, and as I am not chinese I am a strong believer that 4 is a lucky number!

Keep smiling 🙂 luckily age will make you forget things… Or so I hear… Can’t remember!

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