Right, now look ahead…

I am trying to focus. Have a clear head towards the last 9 days with my whole left hand side in a cast.

It’s been relatively easy so far. Blocking out bad thoughts and feeding mind and soul with General iTunes list materials as well as tutorials on the YouTube. It was ok, until I was told on Monday I will have my plaster on for another 2 weeks. Then X-ray again.

All of a sudden, all will to stay still and watch things disappeared. I had the need to move. To go outside. To be something other than a decorative half mummy (the dead plastered variety) stuck sofa bound.

The need to move happened at the same time as Dan had a super full schedule and Elena had gone back to England for a full week. So my need to move could not have happened at more inconvenient time. As luck have it, somehow I have managed to break my 3d set of leg plaster. This made it possible for me to slightly bend my left leg. Enough for me to get the broken “straight plastered” leg in to the car. Next to the pedals on the steering side. This made it possible for me to drive!

Alright, it might not have been my finest hour. I might have broken a few laws. But after over a year of home bound imprisonment, it made me feel again. And not just psychologically but actually physically feel again. The un used flat frontal lobe of my right brain all of a sudden felt it had use again! It felt for the first time in 12 months and 3 weeks it was alive and with it came a sensation. Now, not only could I feel touch and heat sensations on my left arm but also excruciating pain. Throbbing from my left elbow. Funnily enough every time I mention the pain to anyone, they congratulate me. It’s a weird kind of mixed feeling.

I am obviously thrilled to feel something on my left side again. Just not too happy that it’s so painful. It would be nice just to feel nice things. The wind tickling my hair, water pouring over my palm, sun touching my skin, ah well I have got all that to look forward to!

I have yet to see a doctor and ask him about this newfound pain, let’s hope it’s nothing serious. 9 days and 3 hours left in this plaster… But who is counting?

Keep Smiling 🙂 sometimes we can free ourselves from the prisons we build.

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