October oh October.

There are things that make you stop and take think over for a minute how lucky you are. There are things that make up drop your face and in an outraged manner show your disgust with whatever one person has been through. And there is the ridiculous story of me.

There is no other way to describe it. I feel fortunate that I am still here to tell my ridiculous tale, on the other hand I now worry that my tales have become more than people are willing to cope with. I was toying with the idea of book writing, script writing, a selection of poems maybe… But I have come to the conclusion. There is no one on this planet that would accept what I have been through and believe the story in telling. It’s too much.

People might add that my accidents although unrelated in a way were both caused by horses. And therefore I am stupid to continue my quest that in most non-horsey person eyes are suicidal, self-absorbed, crazy and lack any kind of intelligence. On the other hand the two accidents I can now refer to are both so different and they were not “general” horse related accidents. They were both freak accidents. I don’t think I could ever have either of the accidents again, but of course, since it’s me we are talking about, anything can happen.

In my plastered leg and arm I have been to the hospital this morning. Not for anything related to my breaks, no, this time I came to my neuro doctor for the last/latest verdict of brain my power. I had an EEC last week and she was going to tell me the results! It’s been a year and almost 3 weeks since my accident, and she confirmed that my brain was… In full working order! She even did a memory test which proved I was not low in the memory department either! This means clean bill of health for brain=allowed to drive a car! Sadly now my leg is still in a cast, I won’t be able to drive but at least now I know! I am allowed to have a life back! Freedom although not just around the corner, is getting closer for real!

So how do I answer people who would like to ask me about the accidents. I have starting referring them to my blog. Although it feels a bit strange at first, it takes away the boredom of getting people judging my life face to face. If they think I’m an idiot I’d rather not see what they are thinking.

Keep smiling:) today is a day full of little wonders!

6 thoughts on “October oh October.

  1. Framtiden väntar runt hörnet! Underbart att höra. 🙂 Fortsätt skriv din historia, det betyder mycket för många. Det är jag övertygad om.

  2. Hi Emilie. I first noticed this smiling pink haired lady at Hickstead earlier this year and chatted with her. All I can say is you are an inspiration. I cannot believe you have had this awful setback but am so pleased for ypu that you have for the all clear from your neurologist. The fact you are still determined to get back in the saddle shows such strength of character. I will continue to read your blogs with admiration – keep smiling 🙂 xx

  3. I don’t know, we leave you on your own for five minutes and you go and hurt yourself again! Really, really glad you are mending and writing to us Emelie. Big love to the family and that lovely island of yours…


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