4 more days in cast!

We made it through Halloween. I did the €2.99 outfit and used mostly ripped sheets dyed in black tea and dressed self as mummy. I managed to scare not only my own children but also neighbors, random people I passed whilst getting to party at school, and most people at party. Halloween 2013 = success! I guess I could use the last years struggles and put it into my suffering mummy. She felt real, between the socializing and jolly mummy, was the vindictive, soulless mummy that lied within me, let loose. Maybe she was too easy to reach?

The tradition of Halloween here in Mallorca is a good one. It’s not that each and every person gets into it, but there are plenty of creative contributors for having a gory fest!

I will try to upload some creations.

My tiredness has returned with a vengeance. It started a day I was supposed to lunch with girlfriends at a lovely seaside restaurant.

I was dropped off about 500m from the restaurant and walked there arriving 5min early. The 500m walk totally drained me. I started feeling really light headed and almost fainting. After 30 min legs up lying on a small sofa I felt safe enough to sit through the lunch but not really regaining my full energy. It’s strange how my energy just leaves. Without warning. For no reason.

Since the restaurant incident it has happened 3 more times. I am beginning to feel there should be an explanation. A reason for the energy just to leave as quickly as it leaves. And I also think whatever makes my energy leave now also happened before the first accident.

My mother is sure it’s my blood sugar, but it has happened after I have eaten lunch. Like today. At a children’s party. After lunch and snacks plus a small piece of cake I got the light headed ness once more. I managed to get round until the finish due to quite sneeky tricks played on my part. Letting my kids run ahead and cutting lines where I could, not walking a meter longer than I had to.

I have been home for close to 2 hours now and I have managed to sit on the sofa. Only moving thumb to write this and arm to pick up cup of tea in front if me. And finally I can feel some energy returning. Slowly but surely.

In another 4 days all my casts of my left side will be taken off! There will be another X-ray and then the doctor will decide what will happen.

Keep Smiling 🙂 every day you finish, you are getting closer!


One thought on “4 more days in cast!

  1. Hey lovely!

    You defiantly nailed the best Halloween costume i’ve seen! who is the one in the middle??!!

    Regarding your loss of energy… Have they checked your insulin? Could it be diabetes??

    love love love xxxx HLIf 🙂

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