Rehab baby!

Well Amy Winehouse wrote a song about it and here I am.

Ok for a totally different reason to Amy, but anyway. I can sort of feel what she felt as this rehab business is totally average.

I get put into a magnetic tube, I have electro magnetic wires shocking my elbow and knee and although it’s not overly painful, there are thousand things I’d rather do than this.

Bandages and cast was all permanently removed on Monday! The urge to scratch was beyond me. And how heavenly to feel! Even though some of the feelings involve pain, I so much prefer it to the senseless half that used to fill my left side!

I am now at rehab and I thought it would involve someone actually touching me (all in appropriate ways) there is nothing further from this treatment! They have not. Vassessed ability to move, stretch reach, strength. It’s as far away from the neuro rehab I had in Switzerland. Basically you need to bring something to do to not get bored to death!

The first days without plaster have been quite strange. The freedom of being able to move and without anything restricting my movement. On the other hand, not actually being able to move because my muscles have tied up after 6 weeks constraint. So that’s why I’m here I guess.

I have 10 days of this and then I am declared… Free I guess?

At least I can now teach without plasters I can move around arena and change poles (a little bit) and basically pester my clients a little bit more! They love it!

Something has happened to my memory! I don’t actually mind, it’s almost a bit of a blessing. I can now for the first time in my life see a program on TV that I have already seen, and not remember the plot! It’s great when you run out of things to watch. Both NCIS Los Angeles and Blue Bloods are finding their way back.

Now I am being shocked by electric current. I am not sure what it should do to me. It’s unpleasant and boring. As I have now been told off for using my phone. I can use the phone on an off-air mode. Flight mode, ah well for next time I’ll remember and bring some headphones and video. Might even borrow Dans iPad!

The last 6 weeks have been ok. Even though sitting on sofa really doesn’t suit me. It’s only been the last two weeks where I have pitied myself a little. I try not to let it show. But my choice of food betrays me! Now on a diet I never though I would have. I only have 3 meals/day the snacking could only be good if you do any kind of exercise, my walking up a set of stairs 4 times in a whole day hardly can be seen as exercise!

I try and cook all food. Not using any sauces or pre cooked things to know I only eat what my body thinks is ok.

Next week I am going to Sweden to see two of my horses! It will be such fun to see them both for the first time! So if you are in the south of Sweden you could come to Flyinge and watch some horses jumping on Tuesday and Wednesday (12-13/11)

Keep smiling šŸ™‚ even when you are all wired up and given electric shocks, it’s only for a designated time!


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