On way home

So after nearly 2 weeks away from my family I am on my way home. Just landed for a transfer in Madrid as all the direct flights were fully booked on such short notice. I blame it on St Patric’s days celebrations in Magaluf.

The last couple of days have been testing. I wish I had cravings for sour regurgitation. But as i don’t, it mostly means that I feel sick all the time. Sick and shaky. And tired. So tired I can fall asleep most anywhere and any time. So that in itself isn’t too bad, it’s the combo of tiredness, shakiness and sickness that just isn’t a qualifiable quality for good rest.

Yesterday my lovely second cousin Tony came up to our flat to see us. He was the bringer of gifts. All things ginger and anti-nausea that you could think of as well as travel sickness bands, tea, hand creams… Wow! Thank you so much Tony! Your tea has been a lifesaver a couple of times already!

I managed to go and see the Warhorse! What a performance! The giant puppets that were the horses, were although they were “puppeteered” by 3 grown men they became real horses on stage. So beautiful. They got every movement of the horse. It was quite dark and I don’t think I would take my girls to see it for another couple of years, I think they are coming up to Cats age soon.

I’ve had so much support and help from all over. Thank you all of you that have given some time and thought. Really can’t wait to get home now. One more flight to go!!!!

Keep Smiling 🙂 soon I’ll get to hug my family again!

2 thoughts on “On way home

  1. I am so pleased you are now heading home to the 3 little and 1 big Marshon – they will be so happy to have you home! Hugs all round! Well done for coping with the first part of treatment with your usual flair and brilliance. You are a true inspiration to all those around you. You make me very proud to call you my friend. Sending lots of love, hugs and positive energy and thoughts ❤️ Xxxxx

  2. Welcome home beautiful !
    I think you’ve changed the weather forecast ,yesterday it said the whole week was going to be rainy and now it’s only today !

    Enjoy everything!

    Love P

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