Little by little

2 days at home and even though I am an eighth of the person I normally would be I am here, surrounded by my lovely family! Myrna had managed to lose 2 teeth! She is now according to Mel 6 teeth year!

I don’t have much strength to do anything, even just walking upstairs is a bit of a hassle. Well hassle isn’t really a word for it, running a marathon would feel easier in my previous body than walking up those stairs in this chemo plumped one. Nausea has gotten better! For the last two days it’s been horrible but today it’s easing a little. I think the ginger tea and ginger snacks really help! I might get someone to pick me up some ginger snaps!

Food has changed taste. It’s so strange. You think you know what food should appeal to you. Especially if you are feeling nauseous, but no, chemo compleatly changes how you taste things. Nausea gets improved after eating, but the plainer the better. At the moment pasta pesto is a winner! As well as toast with butter on. I’ve done a lot of reading on what you should eat when you have chemo. To make things more bearable. An article I read yesterday compared giving fruits to cancer patients to give spirits to alcoholics! The cancer cells according to the author can’t feed if the body is in ketosis. This means no or low carbs and lots of fat and protein… I’m not against this theory, but I have done the Atkins diet before and that made me so nauseous! Eating just eggs for breakfast is something I would only do if I felt really well to begin with. I don’t see how I could put my body in to ketosis state anytime soon… Well well you live and you learn.

Today my house has had visitors! I’ve been able to walk around and show the new kitchen and some of the building works! It’s brilliant, almost finished now! Although of course as we are coming up to the “finish line” new problems appear. We have a new water leak for example… And new cracks in walls. Not to worry. I’m sure it will all get sorted.

My last visit of today was one of my husbands cycling friends. Before I was diagnosed with cancer I had decided to pimp one of my road bikes into a “real” bike. Changing the handle bar and pedals. Get a more comfy seat. I was going to use it to get to the stable and go for local rides. A bit more upright and using normal shoes. Before all of this I saw it as a great plan to get into biking again. John brought her back today! And she is a thing of beauty! She is wonderful with her new pink handles! I felt like a 5 year old being presented with my first bike without stabilizers. I’m not sure I’d manage to ride it right now but at least now I have something to look forward to!

Keep smiling 🙂 soon I will ride again!!!

9 thoughts on “Little by little

  1. Bild på cykeln, tack 😀

    Vill du ha förslag på annat att äta än ägg står jag gärna till tjänst!

    Många kramar till dig och de dina <3

  2. Fint med cykeln. Fint med målbilder. Sådan skit att du ska behöva gå igenom det här…:(
    Jag vet att du är stark som tusen oxar, bara att kämpa på! Hör av dig om du vill ha sällis nästa gång så kommer jag som skjuten ur en kanon.
    Miljoner kramar, e

  3. You’ll become a major tourist attraction, zipping along with your pink hair, on your pink handle bar bike. May be you should refit the stabilizers and it could happen sooner than you think.

  4. Hej Emily, happy to hear that the seasickness is slightly mooving on and as well the only thing that got me feeling better was ginger . So kee gingering !
    I have sent you an whatsApp with some very interesting info.
    Love p

  5. Hi Emelie
    It was good to hear that you are back with your family. I am sure it will be easier to cope with everything in your own home and with the family supporting you.
    Love and best wishes from us both. D & J

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