I know it’s a said truth Maysis can be a part of the process when it comes to chemo. Yesterday I woke up at 4am feeling like I was on a ship and it was really stormy. The whole world was spinning and I was shaking. I was worried I was getting sick so I used my new thermometer for the first time. Apparently at 37.5 degrees you have to contact the LOC (London Oncology Centre) and at 38 degrees you have to go to hospital. I’m normally not a fuzzy person but these rules have been firmly slapped on me for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday morning I waited until 9.30 to take my temperature, it was 36.7! High five me!

The problem is I get tablets against the nausea. I get 3 tablets per day. Yesterday I took the first at 4.30am the second around 11.30am the third one at 6.40pm and the day was still broken up by me having to lie down for a short sleep twice. It was mums birthday so my aim was just to be able to go out for a short early dinner at next door restaurant with my mum and mother in law. Mission completed! 

We came back home at 8.30pm to watch some of Red Nose Day on telly. After seeing Stephen Hawkins turning in to a transformer and zapping up the annoying carer (played by David Wallians) it was again time for bed.

At 1am I woke up again. Not too nauseas but as I’d already had my sleep during the day, my body wasn’t all tuned in to go to sleep. Then came 1.35 and a wave of nausea. I now think time is somewhere in region of 2.30am. I can’t take my anti nausea tablet because that will screw up my day and today we are booked in to see War Horse at Drury lane so I really need to be on top form at 2.30pm.

I have mentally set my dosing of medicine:

Anti sickness 6am 1pm 7pm

Antibiotics 6am 12pm 16pm 20pm

Pain killer 6am 12pm 7pm (if needed)

Steroids after breakfast, after lunch

The other meds have been finished. As they were more for first and second day of treatment. I still have 3 more possible meds, but unfortunately neither of them is against nausea. I’m not sure what to do now. Fully awake in a Friday night London. Not as loud as the Saturday night last week but I’m too much of a country bumpkin to ignore  the strange sounds of sirens and bottle bank emptyings. My curiosity/imagination for following up compleatly made-up-in-my-head accidents/special finds/terror attacks/biological war fare really does not help to settle me back to sleep. Nor does the ongoing nausea/sickness.

I just thought I’d get this out there. I’ve sworn to myself to be the best and strongest I can be. If this is it, I’m not sure I’m cut out for this “job”, but what won’t kill you makes you stronger they say, well Hulk move over, I’m coming to get you!

Oh and thank you everyone that sends me emails of encouragements/comments on here or Facebook/Instagram/Twitter I know for many it’s not “their thing” the whole digital media, but it definitely makes me feel less lonely here!

Keep smiling 🙂 it actually makes you feel less sick!!!!

10 thoughts on “Nausea 

  1. Jag är övertygad om att du är bättre rustad för det här kriget än många andra. Du är den största vinnarskallen av alla <3

  2. It’s sounds like you are coping amazingly well. I can’t imagine the distress it must cause. I am glad your mum is holding your hand. Your children will read this with you in years to come and be so proud of you, your positivity, your coping strategies and optimism. You have the best qualities that will also reflect in your gorgeous girlies (and of course your gorgeous husband!) Keep smiling em. The world is smiling with you. I hope you have some nausea free moments today xxxx

  3. God Morgon Emelie. I have not had the privilege of meeting you yet. I am a friend of Dan. My brother Chris lives on Majorca , I am not sure you guys have met..
    It is very refreshing to read your comments and your amazing attitude.. It is a typical Scandanavian mentality, which I like…
    It makes people aware and you and your family are fantastic role models…
    Try to keep that sense of humour .

    Halsningar. Paul Walker

  4. Hi Emily,
    It’s a long road but keep strong and stay focused on your health and your lovely family. Be kind to yourself when the days get very tough and remember to cry whenever you want to…
    Best wishes for you… I bet you’ll rock the wig ☺
    Love from all of us down under

  5. Password – MOTHER-IN-LAW, FARMOR.
    To those who follow Emelie’s blog you will be pleased to know that having been with her last night, I can tell you first hand, she is doing remarkably ok – well, obviously more than ok! She is an inspiration and would make you all proud to know her.
    And worry not, in between the many nasty, nasty “appointment medical” Emelie and Eva have used their time in England wisely. Retail therapy being the anti-dote to the “other therapy”, fine dinning (well judged, pill-wise) and finally the theatre. What more would you expect of two remarkable Swedish women left alone in London, pole dancing?
    Get home to safely to the three little birds and Dan.xxxx

  6. Heja Emelie, kom till ett iskallt Palma i morse. Så här minns jag inte det?! Men, så klart alltid lika underbart att vara tillbaka. Träffade nyss Maricel o vi skålade för dig o din fighting spirit. Hatar att du behöver gå igenom det här o vet att du fixar det hör också! Jag ringer dig i veckan. Kramar Lovisa

  7. We are thinking of you through this challenging time which you are being so brave about. Can’t even imagine how difficult it must be but your words are an inspiration. Keep

  8. Idag är det söndag, och du får åka hem till dina kära tjejer och man. Bra kämpat!!! Vila nu inför nästa rond..smoock!!
    Kram lotta

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