On way back home

I’ve finished my course of chemo therapy! I only now have 14 more injections of herceptin every third week. That’s just in the muscle so will be much quicker than the 3-10 hrs in the dungeon of death and I also can do the final 12 injections in Mallorca!

My week back in Mallorca will probably mostly be done relaxing and sleeping if I follow the “natural” flow of after chemo body. I then will go back to the UK for a 2 week holiday that will end up in my operation on the 29th of August. Following the operation I will remain in London for three weeks (hopefully if nothing goes wrong) and thereafter I’m allowed to go home. But there will be no riding for 3 months. And back to “normal” after about 6 months. I think it will be ok, it has to. But in the beginning of all this if I’d known what I now know I’m not sure how I would have delt with it? How would I stay positive? 

4 weeks after the operation, or shall I say operations as there are plenty they will do, I will have radio therapy on my chest and lymph nodes. I think that I will be streamed with radiation for 3-6weeks depending on what they find during their operations. I’m just so lucky I am getting the treatment in the UK as there just are no shortcuts and we can understand why things are done in the way they are.

Yesterday I met another Swedish girl in the dungeon of death. She was also under dr. Jones and Mr Gosh and she also had a triple positive cancer. She was on her 3d EC chemo. It was good that I got to meet another young cancer sufferer, as we were both under the exact same team of surgeons and oncologists. I could prepare her to her future, just a little bit. And to do it in Swedish also felt good. If by any chance anyone of you know an Erika that lives in London with an almost 1 year old daughter. Send her my love and further encouragement! You will do this!

Can’t wait to get back home to my poor babies Myrna and Millie. Myrna had confirmed Salmonella when we left for London, and Mel had the Rota virus and yesterday we got it confirmed that Mel also has Salmonella. Luckily I think because of our regiem of anti bacterial scrubbing we haven’t got it… yet… Dan was worried I couldn’t get back to the house for this week of rest. I had a plan of staying in the UK for this week of sleep, but I think it would have broken me a bit more. I need to come home and be a support to my second sofa buddy, Jack. 

Keep smiling 🙂 Banksy put on his Twitter account : “you should appreciate all bad things that happen to you as it makes you appreciate what you have that’s good in your life.”… Well I dare you Banksy, join my life for a week or two or three years… Let’s see how you will appreciate your life!

My fellow London travelers Mel and Dan

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