Mountairing me

I rose to the challenge today! We had planned this for a full week. A walk was going to be done today and when my walking partner woke up with a very dodgy stomach and I started throwing up before 9am it would have been the perfect way to cop out of the mountain walk. But after a magic anti-throwing up pill and an hours rest we were off to Castell de Alaro in the middle of the Tramuntana mountain range.

The walk isn’t that hard but it’s quite a steep track. As I’ve had a heart that has been off running out of control during simple going up stairs in my house, I of course was a bit worried that the heart would play up during our walk. 

The weather was beautiful! We drove up to the restaurant that is at the middle of the mountain range. From there I started my practice walk to see how my blood pump would pump. My legs felt a little wobbly but after 5 minutes I started to feel stronger. I had always said I didn’t have to feel that I needed to get to the top, just trying would be enough.

As this was Dans fourth trip to the Castell but it was his first trip actually making it up higher than the restaurant I felt it would be a mission to really walk all the way up to the top. 

I couldn’t find any of my good headgear for this outing. A scarf had been tied in to a kind of fashion, and believe you me, climbing a mountain in what did feel like a wooly hat in the 26degrees heat can not be recommended. Sweaty scalp and sweaty feet smell similar… I think it must be a similar type of skin really…

It took us 1 hour and 20 min to walk all the way up! At the top we were rewarded with the most beautiful view of the entire island! I only almost fell twice. But I managed to stay on my two legs! My phone recorded that I had walked 8,5km and climbed 42 floors! 

I’ve been told it’s not everybody’s way of getting better. That I’m pushing the limits a bit too much. But I feel like a living being again. After the walk we met up with some friends at the restaurant for their lamb chops and baked goat which is excellent!

Tomorrow I’m going to ride again, the problem with only riding for a week of every 3 it makes your skin much more sensitive and not as hardy as normally. This means I have to use Compeed plasters to be able to sit on the blisters that I manage to give myself when riding… Oh the total glamour of being me!

Keep smiling 🙂 walking up hills for thrills


One thought on “Mountairing me

  1. Hi Emelie

    Greetings from NYC! Reading your blog and wishing you all the best for your recovery.

    Lots of love

    Helen xxx

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