Awaiting sleep in Marylebone

Counteracting “Sleepless in Seattle” with the new best seller “Moody mare in Maidavale”.

Mum and I arrived yesterday for today’s scans, contrast MRI’s and Ecograph of my heart.

I decided to stay at a hotel close to the LOC on Harley street as tomorrow will be a bit of a long day. The changing of the chemo makes the first time a looooong one. 8 hours in the Dungeon of Death and followed by appointment at 5.30pm with the surgeon… I will finish around 7pm… So much fun!

Tonight we had planned to go to the cinema. I really wanted to watch Mad Max on a big movie screen. That showed at 9.15pm. So instead I put my hopes on the new Simon Pegg movie. It showed on the great time of 6.30pm! Well I was almost asleep at 6.30, so there goes my movie visit this time… Maybe next time…

Even with today’s warm up drugs of steroids I am so sleepy. The sad thing is I don’t seem to be able to fall asleep. So maybe the steroids are to blame? I haven’t got bigger muscles just bigger stomach. And I’m sure tomorrow’s weigh-in will scare the doctors. We will see, a quick update will announce all tomorrow.

London is properly cold and as my brain has been downgraded to the 1.5 operating system it forgot to bring any jacket for me. (The 5.6 operating system I ran before chemo was much faster!) And in London they only sell summer clothes at the moment. Ah well I managed to find a knitted number… We will see, I will be the most colorful knitted patient tomorrow! 

Keep smiling 🙂 when the drugs don’t work, use it to your advantage and tweak the plan!

4 thoughts on “Awaiting sleep in Marylebone

  1. Keep going Emilie , we’re all behind you.think of you so much.Marylebone & Hatley st is where I worked 4 many years.good location so at least u don’t have to use transport.I send you much love xxxx

  2. Morning darling.
    As for not going to see MadMax you didn’t miss much, he doesn’t say much and like the old MadMax it’s all fighting

    Fancy forgetting about our crappy weather, even if we have a little sunshine it’s never as warm as Mallorca. You will have to pack your new cardigan everytime you come to the UK.

    Don’t worry about bigger tummies, just think about getting better as the rest will sort out later in life.

    Keep strong and it’s great keeping in contact with friends so we can see how your progressing

    All my love
    G ❌

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