Back at home in one piece!

I’m now a survivor of 5 chemo therapy sessions! And as the last one was such a long one it really feels like an accomplicement! 

I know it was only long because of the 3 new drugs fed into my system have some quite disturbing/severe side effects if you don’t tolerate them, but if you are like me, obviously not in the slighted intimidated by new drugs, then you do just fine! I already had no hair, I’ve started to gain weight (more of me for you to love!), the possible depressions/eczema or other later on possible side effects I’ll just have to deal with at a later date, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Regarding the tiredness. I think so far I have a more awake brain! I know it’s only been 2 days since chemo, but I have a much clearer sense of my self! Apparently yesterday as I had asked for wheelchair assistance in the airport, I turned into the charming invalid from The Little Britain series, my mother was my keeper so she was the long term sufferer… I don’t think I was that bad, but being almost driven into things/people/restaurants that I really didn’t want to go into, I had to protest! And on top of that driven by my fully accompliced wheel chair driver, mum, who is a Physio therapeut, although she hasn’t fully worked as one or wheeled any heavy uncoordinated airport wheelchairs for the past well 20 or so years…

Anyway it’s all well that ends well and both me and mum are safely back in land of Spain, soil of Mallorca. Her dogs have enjoyed a 4 day holiday in Establiments and Kofi especially have fallen in love with Millie who insists that Kofi is not her dog, -No mummy, Kofi belongs to “mormor” (Swedish for granny maternal). 

Tomorrow we have the arrival of farmor! (Swedish for granny paternal) so this starts our summer of fun! I know it might not seem fun having a summer fully booked with treatments and chemo and finishing up with operations and radiation, but I’ve never been as organized ever in my life since the kids came along! I know exactly where I am and almost what I’m doing for the whole summer/autumn! 

Regarding the boring hospital visits in London. Outcome, amazing! The MRI and Eccograph showed that the tumors had shrunk and that my heart was in PERFECT nick to cope with the new poisons! I read the report and there it only stated “normal”, but my oncologist said that my heart was perfect! I’ll take that! Any time for perfection I’m up for!

The later visit to my surgeon also provided some more information. I was sent off to see the doctor that had put the 3 markers in the 3 tumors to make sure they were shrinking as the MRI isn’t good to get measurements from. 

I did another ultrasound scan and low and behold, Nina, the notoriously naughty nipple hiding tumor was almost gone! Brenda, the fat strangely formed tumor had shrunk with a good 20%! And Brittany (basically the tail of Brenda) had also shrunk! Brenda now looks like a Scottish terrier, with the marker perfectly signing her off as her necklace, very strange! She has always been a strange shape but for her to change shape into a quite aggressive little hound has made me think, she probably is fearing for her life, understanding this is going to be the end of her! With only 3 more sessions in the “Dungeon of Death” and with this mental surplus compared to my last couple of chemos, well you never know today is only day 2 after all, but there is definitely a glimmer of hope for me! 

Keep smiling 🙂 be inspired by the unknown! Don’t fear it!


7 thoughts on “Back at home in one piece!

  1. Vilken inspo du ger oss och tack for att du delar med dig, Emelie.
    Heja dig och din famlj!
    Kramar fran oss I Coventry.

  2. Emilie, you have such a gift of writing.Not many people could make your story so visual .your wit inspires me, along with your bravery , strength and grit . love you for all of it.enjoy the sunshine xxx

  3. I agree with your friend above Emelie, you missed you vocation in life as a writer. Still, plenty of time for that yet. I read with great interest your journey to recovery and your courage, your humour and your ability to see light at the end of every tunnel inspires me greatly. Sending you much love and support xxxxx

  4. Emelie you really are amazing. Well done,great reading too. Keep up the great job you are doing,you are an inspiration to us all. Thank you. Hi to Dan,the girls and Eva. John.

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