Day 4 what’s up?

This is the terrible day of 4th day after chemo. What’s new? Not much, still suffering a plenty, waiting for the day just to finish so I can get off this sofa stuck to my backside…

It’s strange how this whole energy draining thing works. I wake up with very little energy, then it just gets less… I guess everything else would be a blessing but I’m still not quite happy with the day 4 scenario. I had hoped day 4 under new regiment (aka new chemo) would open up new doors of lightness and energy! Not so much…

It’s been pretty good so far, if I’m honest and do compare to the other times. It’s possibly better than the times before because I’ve twice made it off the sofa this time, as well as managed to go for a mini stroll to our neighbours newborn donkey foal. I should be ecstatic but my mind will not travel to such far reach extremities of feelings. I’m just content, back on my sofa. 

Another strange thing that’s happened with the new chemo/new drugs is that I have a very temperamental stomach. It can go either way. When it plays up its no recommendation to be too far away from a loo. Luckily my sofa has less than a 10 step distance to the facilities… I really cannot wait for this to be over, to deal with it in past tense will be much more fun!

We have visitors from UK this weekend and our new right hand woman will arrive on Monday so keep fingers crossed!

Keep smiling 🙂 sometimes the smallest steps gives the biggest results!

2 thoughts on “Day 4 what’s up?

  1. Keep strong Emilie. V proud of you with the way you are sealing with everything. I hope we will see you all I’m Mallorca in late july

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