Bruised toenails, bright mind

Monday! It’s the start of a new week. Day 6 after my last chemo cycle start. Last time I was really zonked. Tired outside of recognition of self. Today not so much.

I started the day feeling good but sounding like I had a really bad flu. Everyone in the house seams to have some sort of sneezy cold/flu, so I’m staying well away from them all. Making people use the disinfectant fluid everywhere. 

The heat today was something else. Indoors it was fine. It’s just when I started my walk this morning I realized I’d started it a bit too late. I got to the gate at the bottom of my garden and came to an understanding that this walk really shouldn’t happen… Not if I wanted to stay alive, so I turned around and made my way back to the sofa. I had great plans for today I wanted to start being active. My mind is really clear. Not just fast pacing and active, but actually coherent and working. 

It wasn’t until after lunch I realized my bruised toenails. I had started getting some ulcers in my mouth so I think my white blood cell count is low, but the bright blue toenails got me wondering. I hadn’t read about bruised nail syndrome as a side effect of chemo but I don’t feel like it could be much other than that. I called the LOC to see what they would say about my blue nails. Quite quickly I was put in touch with an on-call doctor who did indeed say that the bruising under the nails was in fact a weird/unusual but documented side effect from the new chemo. Ah well phew! As long as no real pain was involved she said I didn’t have to worry about it.

So my blue nails and I waited until the day became evening and the temperature lessened. Out we went for an uptempo walk! I found my Bluetooth headphones and downloaded the newest Muse album, “Drones”. There was some jigging/dancing done as well as air-guitarring on the small country lanes of Establiments! 

We have had a new arrival in the household today as well! Another Watford fan! It’s our new au-pair/nanny Phoebe. It’s a real shame it’s summer here now… We have to wait until August to follow the golden hornets in the premiership!

Keep smiling 🙂 beautiful beats and blue nails make a disco wherever you are! 


3 thoughts on “Bruised toenails, bright mind

  1. En annan fâr sitta och pilla och kladda för att fâ till tânaglarna, och inte blir det bra för det. Du kan ju mâla pâ gula streck sâ har du det perfekta târna för fotbolls VM! Damerna borde ta inspiration frân dig och inte bryta ihop för lite kramp i vaderna:)

    Massa kramar älskling!!

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