Meditation at the monestary 

Yesterday was a bright day, and sunny, today a slightly “cooler” day with clouds and thunderstorm! A tiny bit of rain but still some rain… According to my mum the streets close to her house needs the rain as it smells of dog wee…

I am back riding! Properly this time. The toenails are properly blue/purple, a little bit sore but not too bad. I think the right big toenail is a gonner as its turning a real dark purple color. I’m not sure why this is happening but hopefully it will not incur more pain.

The riding yesterday was a full 6days earlier than I coped with riding after the previous chemo. This chemo does really keep my mind brighter and that seems to keep my body more energized as well. 

After riding yesterday I went to have my bloods taken. They do that to see how your blood counts fair after the new type of chemo. All my values were low but within acceptable grades. I was worried I had to have more immune strengthening injections but apparently not! After the blood samples I went with a friend to a monestary in Palma.

I am not trying to find God, I’m pretty sure I know where he is (or she if you are that way inclined), or otherwise I’ve been given a book by our stand in cleaner who is a Jehowas witness and she left me this book yesterday…

Me and my spiritual guide Linda went to the nunnery Santa Clara’s courtyard where we braved the shadows for an hour long outdoors meditation. I meditated naked. That is my scalp was naked as the heat of wearing any headgear outside makes me sweat. In the quiet calm of the monestary courtyard we found energy and strength. I wished for my blue nails to cure without losing them, and there is still hope.

Keep smiling 🙂 if you can’t find God, or you doubt there is one there are books that can help you find him! 


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  1. You are really writing remarkbly well, Emelie! And of course, wishing you the very best. – At least we have the possibility to change according to the situation – Love Katja

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