London by feet

I’m not allowed to do any excersise yet, other than walking. So ok I take said challenge by taking said bull by its horns and I walk. 

Yesterday it all added up to over 10km! And London is fun to walk in. You don’t quite realize it before you walk but everything is so close by! 

The first few days of London was given mostly for hospital appointments. Oncologists, breast care nurses, herceptin injections and surgeons are all on the agenda. The only new thing was the CT scan I had yesterday for my radiation therapy that starts on Thursday. The CT scan will show where I should have my radiation rays so not to burn my ribs/skin/kidneys/other internal thingies. To get the machine totally correct they made two tattoos that marked the exact points for the radiation rays to line up perfect every time. I had hoped to brag about my 2 new tats, but unfortunately that would be rather lame as they are the size of a pinprick. 

You will have to wait until I undergo my nipple tat! That’s going to take a few sessions to “make” and a use of color and shades to make it look real. 

My niece has just started uni in London so whilst she is looking for living accommodation of the student variety she and I are flat mates! So lovely to have someone here for the month that I’m here! 

Today after the last appointment with my surgeon I take the train up to Birmingham. Tomorrow my wonderful 7 year old “The Drawness” is jumping at The Horse of the Year show at the NEC! It’s so nice HOYS still being held in my old manor, so it’s doubly nice to go and be able to meet up with friends too.

Keep smiling 🙂 The wonderful world we live in is more magical than you think. 


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