3 years ago

Three years ago today I had a terrifying accident that left me in a coma for a month. Afterwards I got back walking/talking and finally riding! This year was supposed to be my comebackto show jump again but then I found out about the cancer and most of this year has been devoted in to tackling it. 

Tomorrow I am going to the UK for my final month of radiation therapy. If I come out glowing in the dark afterwards you now know why! I’ll be staying in London for most of my treatment but as the Horse of the Year show starts on Wednesday and my lovely horse The Drawness is in it I’ll come up to the midlands for a couple of nights.
Today my husband hosted the Sa Calobra Time Trial! A 10 km uphill race where a cyclist gets started every 30 second from the bottom of “Sa Calobra”. The iconic hairpins road in the tramuntanas couldn’t be more enjoyable! What a wonderful event and as we were raising money for two cancer charities I hope we managed well! All riders finished and no serious accidents along the road!

The last 3 years has taught me so many things. Firstly how strong my family is! How much love and care there is in this family that I am so lucky to be part of! To each and every one of my extended family thank you! Your endless support has been a gift! 

Secondly: I’ve found out how strong I can be. I continue getting tried time after other, but soon I’m sure they will find someone new to test. They should get bored harassing one little female that takes no notice!

Thirdly: the power of my horses and the bond I have with them that heels me so quickly. Horse power is real power! Swedish select horse auction is being held at Flyinge today! 32 marvelous 3 year old, mostly Swedish bred horses and some very talented!

Finally I have to thank my husband. Without you I would never have discovered Watford football club! I know being part of my life can sometimes be trying but if at the end of the day we can keep laughing and smiling it is all worth it!

Keep smiling 🙂 who knows what the next 3 years will have to offer?  


One thought on “3 years ago

  1. Nice to see super fit Katie Handyside on the podium!
    Emelie, what a three years, what a three bl00dy years. I will pray to any god of your choosing that the next three are MUCH more boring and MUCH less tiring.
    Love to your family. x

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