Detoxing chemo out of system!

I was here in only 2 days before I started the “green juice detox”. As I have gained so much weight during my chemo and after my op, as well as being pumped full of deadly toxins, I thought kick starting the “getting even better” as soon as possible!

There are a lot of big words when you enter the world of detoxing. I’m not very good with words but I have the will power and determination that the -“eat nothing only drink 3 green juices/day” has come easy to me. I do hope it has helped clearing my system of a lot of the drugs that has been pumped through me. Other than the 3 juices I can drink tea and water as much as I like. Alkaline water is what you want during detox. Did you know that lemon even though it’s really acidy in taste actually is alkaline?

I’ve now finished day 6 of 7 days detox. The first 4 days I lost 4.5kg! I guess most of it was water. The last couple of days have been a stand still when it comes to scale dropping but I guess “planing” happens in all diets/programs. My energy is going through the roof! It’s really quite something. The last 3 nights I can’t fall asleep. I am perfectly, arrow mind, sharply  focused awake. That is at first during the evening after reading a book or watching TV I feel “tired”, get changed, brush teeth, go to bed… In bed I am totally AWAKE! Such a strange feeling! My body basically craves more… Of what I don’t know but by writing this I realize that the buzzing awakeness I feel cannot be actual real awakeness… It’s something brought on by this detoxing my body, ah well she who lives tomorrow might know!

I have to excuse my language and writing during this time! I would love to blame it on the drugs again! This time not drugs I’ve taken recently but the ones I’m trying to rid myself off! My poor family!

The toxins that I did have through my system have really made a difference. My cancer was no longer visible in the lymph nodes, the type had been de-classified from type 2 down to type 1, which means smaller slower growing kind! 

I will post this post even though half of me thinks I probably shouldn’t as it’s full of errors, but the other half thinks it’s almost the more important bit to share.

Keep smiling 🙂 the drugs did work! And now they are kind of working again…

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