Back at home!

If only for the briefest of 2 tiny weeks, but I am on Spanish soil. Mallorca, your beautiful autumn is like spring everywhere else in Europe!

I flew back on a solo mission on Saturday. Saying that, my solo adventure actually only lasted from leaving mum at the special assistance desk in Stansted Airport, until I was wheelchaired in to the waiting flock of offspring and my husband. There right between the little arms and legs of said offspring all my coolness factor and my at ease attitude about my “situation”, totally collapsed. I burst out in tears, I don’t think the girls have ever seen their mum being so tearful. But I don’t think anyone should ever be away from their family for such a long time!

Saturday was a really tiresome day over all. I managed to walk under 700 steps! Mostly because I was in a wheelchair or on a plane, but equally I was so drained from the trip.

Sunday picked up the pieces of my foreign self. We went for a lovely day out and lunch with dear friends. As I was still feeling a bit sore and delicate I didn’t help much at all. (Sorry!) And for the second day on the trot I ended up feeling worse than I’ve done for a couple of weeks. Being at home in my environment is awesome, BUT, the beds in hospital where you can put up the headboard and the legs simultaneously is really hard to recreate in a normal bed with pillows.

The problem is I still have sleep on my back, upper body and legs raised. So not to stretch the “1000-stitches” scar… There still is a lot of swelling but over all I’m quite happy with how the operation has left me looking. I think after staying a few nights in my own bed I have come up with an acceptable non-stretching stance that leaves me feeling quite refreshed after sleeping! Early days but here’s hoping!

Yesterday and today I started the morning with a 6.2km walk! The weather is glorious and even for early(ish) morning walks, I end up sweating a lot! Today I started my 12 days detox! It’s basically only drinking green vegetable juices. Today I’m on cucumber, selleri and some other leafy greens. On top of that I need to drink about 4 liters of water/day and I can have unlimited cups of tea (as long as it’s herbal) the chemo is being asked very sternly but kindly to leave the premises of my body. I am to cleanse the poisoned riddled form that once was me, now it’s like it’s someone else’s body that’s affected. I look like nothing I’ve ever looked like before…

Other than walking I am not allowed to do any other exercise until mid October when I can start easy yoga, not including any hand stands/planks/ down ward facing dogs… I can start swimming at the beginning of November, and riding and running not until the end of November. 

Keep smiling 🙂 every day is proof of recovery!


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