Horse of the year show

2015 has been a year of challenge and tribute. This you feel even more when arriving at the NEC outside Birmingham to compete at the highest level show jumping.
The challenge at the NEC, before any competition is finding out where to go and how to get there. It applies to everything from hotels, restaurants and arenas. The tributes are equal in finding out where to go as well as finding great buys! 
48 hours later I’m leaving with a new bag full of new useful stuff! Hm, luckily I have family members flying over that I will give stuff to so I won’t get too heavy to fly back when the time comes. 
It’s so lovely to get back to this place of show jumping where not everybody have heard about my last three tragic years. As I’m also sporting a new longer hair piece I don’t look ill at all, so people that don’t know just won’t know! It’s a relief sometimes not to be treated like a victim.
My best friend Lisen came over from Sweden to spend some quality time and watch some of my horses. The Drawness became a little unnerved coming into the main arena for the 140cm class. He got a couple down but will probably become a better horse for it. Today they did a warm-up class for the much older international horses. That warm-up they should have for the young horses and it would have been a much more enjoyable class for everybody. Note to HOYS! 
Before I made my way up to the midlands I had a meeting with my surgery team. Mr Ghosh and lovely Lisa the breast care nurse gave me thumbs up for general well being and golden star status for being such a prime example of awesome patientness. Everything was looking good and healing process was spot on. I wasn’t worried as I’m always very good in the healing process of “taking care of self”. Not that I do it very well all other time, but when told what to do by doctors I am pretty good at following orders.
Today is my first radiotherapy. I’m not sure what to expect. The most people have told me is that I might get tired. Not as tired as the chemo… But as it’s an aqumilating tiredness and I’ll get radiotherapy every day of the week I will soon tell you what I feel.
All the roads and trains seam to be at a real mayhem today. Too many people wanting to go to the same place. At this time it’s London calling.
I feel a little bit sorry that I haven’t managed to see Oni the Okapi yet. But as I haven’t been up even once she might not know that I’m back in the UK… Oh who am I kidding? She is a magical okapi creature, she knows.
Keep smiling 🙂 life is for living! Okapis are for mystery!    

 Canora and Julie Andrews    

 Dream team: Mr Ghosh and Lisa and me

 Millie and me at TT Sa Calobra

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