Glow in the dark!

Really? Honestly sadly, no. No such interesting effects of this radiotherapy. All it is basically you just lie in a very exact manner, on the millimeter exact to get the Rays exactly where you want them and not to affect lungs or ribs or anything internally.

There are too many hours in my days now. The radiation basically takes 1 hour. I have 23 hours to fill with whatever I feel like! This week my niece has gone back to Mallorca so I have to find myself something to fill in my lonesomeness. 

Walking has become the new rule. The last two days I have walked over 12km/day. My feet are a little sore. So is my back and my poor legs don’t really know what is happening to them. I have asked the nurses at Macmillan if my poor legs can have a deep tissue or sports massage. They said that it wasn’t recommended at this stage in my treatment. But I’m allowed a softer massage! Next week!

As I was planning my weekend of aloneness, my old vet called me, he invited me to go and see him and his son! So I have now managed to rent a car and hey ho- right hand driving here I come! 

This morning I managed to go see Oni, my okapi friend at the London zoo. They had changed Oni and Mbutis paddocks. Oni was hiding, clearly not happy with me and my absence from her. It took a good 20 min of quiet persuading to get her to show herself. After another half hour we had a group of 5 year olds that came in screaming loudly at Oni. “What is that?” “It’s a zebra!” The teachers were tired and didn’t even try to make the kids quiet down. I saw that Oni was on her way out again, trying to escape the high pitch notices, so I leant forward and in a whisper said “She will magically disappear unless you calm down a bit”. Suddenly all of the children got quiet.

I told them about the magical creatures that Okapis are. How they are related to giraffes and Oni now has atleast 20 new super fans that all want to become African explorers when they grow up. A little storytelling that highlighted the magic of the Okapis has now engaged a whole school class! As Oni’s number 1 stalker and fan I have found it my duty to inform any visitors about the wonderful, exciting, magical creatures the Okapis are.

Keep smiling 🙂 if you manage to inspire someone, that should make your day!


2 thoughts on “Glow in the dark!

  1. I am very proud to have such a successful warrior as you Emelie, as my friend. I wish I could get over to see you. I know that no matter what you are always fun,interesting,knowledgeable,entertaining,exiting,bubbly,sincere,witty and often hilarious. Never a dull moment:) miss you. Emelie
    Keep up the exellent work and get well soon.

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