Brottrunk- Health and pleasure for all!

My German super vet Andre Buthe invited me to go to his new place in Wiltshire for the weekend, and as I was planning on doing nothing by myself in London, this was an excellent plan! 

Andre have been my main vet for longer than I can remember, but he used to be based in Essex when I was in Warwickshire and now he has moved to Wiltshire. It’s quite nice to meet some people that you have known so long, but you haven’t spent any real time with them for the last 5 years, Andre is definitely one of those. We sometimes talk on the phone regarding mostly horses, and a little bit about my ailments in the last couple of years.

As a parting gift he gave me a bottle of his “healthy drink” it’s called Brottrunk!!!! For any swede this will seam impossibly funny! Ok I am a bit childish but when people just name a drink or item something that doesn’t mean anything in their language shouldn’t you just check out what said word might mean in other languages? The direct translation is crime-wank! I was super thrilled and imidiatly emailed a photo of my Brottrunk bottle to my brother!

The rest of the Sunday was filled going to visit my friend Catherine that also have moved east on the M4. Fabulous setting and great stable for her horses. And lastly I got to a lovely family lunch at my mother in laws, with my nephew Sander and his mummy Sally and daddy Jacob.

The only sad thing I can tell you is that my hair is yet again falling out. I have been pretty positive about this and have thought it probably wasn’t my hair falling out now, probably was some old hair that was found on pillows and in shower, but after the weekend there is no denying it. My pillow was full of my short but distinctively stripy hairs. I have bought this “Talika” cream that I’m putting on my eye lashes to try and make them grow. It’s still early days but I don’t know… People try and be upbeat about my situation. -“It will grow back!” Thats what they all say… Well in the wait I’ve gone and bought a new wig. Londons cooler climate allowes use of wig much more than Mallorca. It feels much more like me in the longer hair. I don’t look like a tranny either! Bonus point!

Keep smiling 🙂 wondrous things can happen if you just allow them to! 


One thought on “Brottrunk- Health and pleasure for all!

  1. Mina tankar går till en del bilmodeller vars namn inte är skulle vara så lyckade på den svenska marknaden 😀 Brottrunk är Tysklands svar på kombucha – fermenterad dryck. Full av nyttig probiotika som ser till att tarmbakterierna lever och frodas. Drick gärna lite varje dag – stärker både kropp och knopp. STOR KRAM!

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