Healing through chanting

It’s funny how time can be perceived so differently, rushing forward when you are having fun and breaking to a near full on stop when you are bored or tired… Or if you are in fear…

Yesterday both my yogi friends flew over from Mallorca to join in for Mirabai Ceibas spiritual concert at the Tabernacle in Notting Hill. It was quite an experience for someone like me to explore. I see myself as a “yoga-light” person. My husband is beyond doubt more flexible than me, and I do believe his mind is also there when it comes to the spiritual foundation of yoga. Me, I wasn’t there then… But I am now!

The concert started with a local band. They warmed up playing traditional Siekh music, chanting whilst wearing traditional turbans and silver details.

At first Linda turned to me and whispered “-I hope we haven’t gone to the wrong venue”! After a while we got into the rhythms and chanted quietly. The ladies in front of us really went for it and near enough over powered the Siekh performers. 

After 4 songs they withdrew, wearing their religious weapons, and Mirabai Ceiba appeared. 

How does one explain music? Theirs is a mixture of chanting and beautiful chrystal like vocals. You are being told to sing along to heal yourself and the world. It took a little time but in the end we had all got it and I think the roof of the Tabernacle lifted  a little as the singer in the band had asked for! 

Vibrations of some music as well as “gongs” can really get to the innards of your soul. We left feeling energized and positive! 

Today they both flew back home. Too short but I can understand. It’s just me stuck in a time warp in London. I think as I have to plan everything each day so not to miss any of the treatment. But with 23 hours to fill, I have decided to cop out and make it easy for me. My days are like this:

Wake up drink water and spirulina, chlorella and lemon drink together with my minerals, vitamins and medicines. An hour afterwards I either have yogurt or green smoothie thanks to nutribullet. This will be around 9:30 that I’m ready to walk out the door. The Zoo won’t open until 10 so I start walking to meet Oni my okapi pal around 10:30. I then have a peppermint tea for a reduced fee at the zoo cafeteria. I then walk through Regents park to get to the Marylebone area. Here I will have lunch mostly at Natural Kitchen. They are beyond awesome! Great food and always new people to talk to if you don’t know anyone! Here I’ll stay until radiation or other treatments. After treatment I have kept walking so the step counter on my phone has reached distances over 12km! 

They say radiotherapy can make you tired, today is the first day I feel tired. But there are so many factors that could make me tired, so I can’t say for sure its the radiations fault. The tiredness I feel is a bit more than physical exhaustion, it’s more mental as well. I think today will be spent at home after the treatment. My sister is flying in tonight for the Frieze art fair that starts tomorrow.

During my walk through Regents park I got a sneak preview of some of the sculptures.

I already miss Sandra and Linda, and they were only here less than 24hours… Next week my family is coming, let’s hope the weather will stay good. Makes such a difference! The waiting game alone can make you tired. The aloneness makes time go so slow. How many days until my family arrives, only 9…. How many hours oh over 200…. I should stop counting…

Keep smiling 🙂 when you realize the beauty of the neglected, care for it!

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