No glow in dark yet…

I am a little disappointed with radiation therapy as a whole. It’s only time consuming, there really is no challenge to it. Being me, I always challenge self and will go to lengths to find and make challenges on the way so to make the journey more exciting! Therefore just being put on a hard surface to basically have radiation rays projected through me is not enough. 

I have to make up little stories along the way, about everybody that I meet along my journey. It was easier for some reason when I was in hospital. During those 11 days my mind peaked in sharpness and I could remember everybody’s names and life stories. Now I struggle to even remember names of people that I do know.

I make up names and stories about them all. I’m super sure they don’t ever want to hear about their whole new life stories, or their new names… Calling a woman Boris is not nice I know, but it basically isn’t my fault! It was her mother who was an avid tennis fan! (Note to self, “you are still responsible for giving fake names to the staff and can’t blame such fake names on their fake parents as they are all made up in your sick slightly under stimulated mind.”)

Today as I was walking to my radiation I was met on the pavement by a super smiling face. I was listening to One Republic and for a few seconds had a problem placing the face and smile. It was Claire! A super show jumping friend from a life time and a half away. It was triply surprising as she also lives abroad! It’s funny some friends that you spend so much time with in parts of your life, I don’t often think about them, how close we were, for me they are still there. Still charished as my own private jewellry stash. 

I was starting to do some sketching of my friends. I used to be pretty good. Not so much any more. I really suck! But my lovely husband recommended I should put my work on Facebook for people to guess who they are! It’s a slightly embarrassing but totally ingenious idea! When Frieze art fair is over I might do it!!!

Keep smiling 🙂 you might not know your new names or your new lifes but to me you are all vastly important! 


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