Heat heat heat

Mallorca, mid July. Well anyone could have told me this before, it shall be hot. It’s a little different being trapped indoors, in house without working Aircon or fans… I feel a little bit sorry for myself.

I’m desperately trying to figure out how to stay sane, trying to organize things for the future and my upcoming operation. The hardest thing to do is to explain to the girls that I need to stay in the UK for 3 weeks after the operation. Also trying to find a solution that will keep me fit when in London post op. All doing this whilst trying to keep lucidity in this heated chamber without air…  The worst thing is we had the Aircon units all gone through and fixed before summer, and even so it’s still not working. Oh well, never mind, I could always write about this experience at a later date, if I survive it!

I am watching stories of people being trapped underground/in caves/in the mountains on fabulous channel on sky TV very bad accidents that apparently saves most of the people at the end. Not sure it makes me feel any better, actually rather sent me the other way… I went to sleep for a good 2-3 hours.

I still don’t feel lucid. Maybe the cool of the night will sharpen me up, maybe I need to go to a hotel and be locked in somewhere cold, oh maybe I should try opening the fridge, just to not melt…

Our guest Tony (godfather to our oldest child) has been helping out as new manny, as our summer nanny decided the job was not for her, leaving us mid-cycle, not really anything to hope for in the midst of all this. Why not up the battle for this family? We need a little bit more to work against us! 

Thankfully, other than the heat and the obvious tiredness that comes with this chemo hell, I’m not feeling too sick. Not throwing up, yet, and could come with to supermarket today. Sadly that was this morning and since coming back around 1pm I’m not too good.

Oh the little things that shall set us free. We will see what the little things will lead to.

Keep smiling 🙂 even when your face is sweaty and hot, turn that frown upside down!

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