Going back for 3d chemo

I’ve had you all waiting for an update on my weird and wonderful life as a baldie.

I look naturally badass now so I’m just surprised no acting roles have been offered to me just walking around… We’ll probably because I take to wear a headgear of some kind when I leave the house. I look like a 50’s housewife in my hair/wig and like a sheik of some kind in my “turban”.

The last week in the chemo cycle is the best one from an energy point of view. The only sad part is that I get even more aware of how bad I get with the chemo as I feel almost back to normal. I know that after the chemo on Tuesday I’ll have 1 day where I feel a little sick and tired but still possible to do things, after that I have 3 days of complete nasty nothingness… And after that a wait until I can think again. I even speak slower. I look for my words. When I’m back on a horse first time I am totally twinsided. The left and right are not even half related. I have the strangest shakes on my left side which I don’t know is related to my old “misdiagnosis” of Parkinsonism. Gosh so much to consider and think about. Luckily I have 3 little girls that are helping me to think of other things so I don’t fill my existence of gloomy weariness. Last night they helped me not to sleep a lot as they take turnes in coming in to my bedroom. The 3am visit of smallest beauty Millie was last nights least favorite. After changing her PJ bottoms after a small accident, she point blank refused to put the new ones on as she couldn’t see the color of them. (As this very scenario had happened a couple of weeks ago I kept lighting in room at a minimal.) I ended up swearing at the small 3 year old and threatening her with sleeping outdoors. Her or me, one had to go. At 5am she decided to go back to her own bed! And she stayed there! At 6am my middle one Mel decided to join me and only to complete the circle 8 year old Myrna came in to the bedroom at 6.45am. Today I am tired, but for a reason! 

I’m constantly reminded of how truly blessed we are with family and friends helping us as much as they can. It’s hard for anyone to help or even be around when I’m really bad, but when I’m on the homerun on the 3d week after chemo and the energy to meet up with people as well as exercise (well a little) and find myself totally booked up! I’ve been to more social events of lunches and meeting up with friends this week than I have in the last 3 months! I’m still not really daring dinners away, but maybe next time.

Keep Smiling 🙂 the Mimosa is in full bloom and summer is on its way! 


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