After 3d chemo

I am back at home! And I’m feeling better than I have previously done on my chemo 4 days after treatment! I have given myself quite a rigorous training schedule. Well that has involved inviting friends and family to cohearce me out for little walks. 

The sickness seems to have been pretty cured by the new meds! The tiredness is still here. So severe that all I can do is fall asleep but at the same time this is just helpful as I just sleep until I wake up. I don’t think I’m that much fun to be around but I’m gradually killing the small bastards Brenda, Brittany and Nina! On my last appointment to the doctor before my last chemo, she told me that the tumors had already shrunk a lot!!! My MRI to confirm exact size of tumors is not until June but she knows where they are supposed to be and the size they used to be so I’m just carefully optimistic the poisoning of my little “free riders” is going splendidly.

At my short visit in London I was met by my horsey friends from Warwickshire. They were bringers of gifts! I now have 2 new head gears! Sour anti queasyness tablets! And bringers of energy and positive thinking that can’t be denied. Thank you so much for making the journey! 

Now back on the sofa but with combination of small episodes of exercise mostly wearing one of my new headgear and queasing queasiness with the delicious anti-queasiness tablets! 

Today my fellow walkers were 5. My 3 daughters as well as our 2 dogs. One of the dogs Jack hasn’t been feeling well the last couple of days so he was the only quitter on our walk. Thankfully he decided that walking the last 500 meters was more appealing than being carried home so now he is asleep next to sofa and me. I’m trying to get out twice a day the first few days but it’s just my heart rate goes up real high if I go upstairs or if it’s hilly. 

Tomorrow I am going to try and go out for lunch somewhere. It’s always nice to plan and look forward to something.

Keep smiling 🙂 our every day achievements are remarkable!

2 thoughts on “After 3d chemo

  1. Åh, vilka härliga nyheter! Det är nog första gången jag blir riktigt glad över att höra att ett gäng brudar blivit rejält förgiftade 🙂 Fortsätt så här, så drar de snart. KRAM!

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