Computer failure, printer blockage and car battery dead.

See most of you would go insane with the many little annoying every day problems that has brightened my afternoon today! But here is the odd thing, I appreciate being able to tackle the every day annoying things! I appreciate that I am still up, awake and not falling apart or asleep! Ok for the Swedish speakers in my proximity during the beginning of the afternoon there might not have been a lot of appreciation noises… The swear words were hammered quite deliberate/frequent and hard over my uncooperative computer and his nerdy printer pal. None of them wanted to work.

I have the first quarter of the years accounts to do so I am a little dependant of stupid computer and nerdy printer… There are 2 companies that I have to sort out accounts for. Slowly but surely this is being done now. By high jacking my laptop and rewiring the printer. It didn’t like it much, but it works! Sadly I can’t sit and work where my laptop is as there just isn’t any room, but it shall work and printing has begun! 

As with this chemo palaver it’s coming up to almost 2 weeks since I had my last dose and I feel ok again. Well at least energy wise. I haven’t been as nauseated as last time thanks to some brilliant medicines! The only problem with that was because I had felt so very little nauseated I didn’t even think about taking my tablets after the week had gone and I was beginning to feel ok. This resulted in some rapidly exiting vicious green vomit, projectile style. It was the lively green color because of the wheet grass I keep drinking. But strangly enough, even though I thought I would keep vomiting through out the rest of the day some other new anti sickness drugs were taken and worked instantly! Relief! 

I have finished the 7 injections of white blood cell improving stuff… I now have started to get sore joints again. I’m not sure when I should go and test my blood again, maybe tomorrow? Dan has reminded me of how I was last time round…

I can only remember how hard it was to get those extra injections last time. I will get my knuckle busters ready for a bit of a fight tomorrow… Now all the little ones have gone to bed except for the smallest one. She is apparently waiting for her daddy to play with her… Hm, I’m not so sure that’s what he promised her. What rhymes with play? Stay, slay, sway, lay… That’s probably it! -“you stay here and daddy will come and lay down with you!” She must have heard “daddy will play with you”…

Still awake. And I’m so happy everydays small  annoyances are here for me to feel at home! Even the car won’t start! It’s not even a small clicky sound when you try to turn the key over. It’s stone cold dead! Tomorrow I will try to start it!

Keep smiling 🙂 some times you just need a kickstart to get going in the right direction!

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