First operation done

A Saturday in central London. The weather is glorious! So much to see and do, but for me hospital and nil-by-mouth since 6am.

It was started last night. Meetings with the breast nurse and injection at the nuclear clinic. I then prepared myself with an early dinner and bed.

I went in this morning and all was well. The pre registrations nurses jobs had all been done by my super efficient Breast nurses. The meeting with the anaesthetist went well and the surgeon came and went through the operation with me and my mum who in my mind was confident they were going to do a good job. The radiologist surgeon also swung by and he had been introduced to me as the surgeon with the unpronounceable name. I was just to call him “G”. “G” did tell me his full name but it was rather hard to remember so with the aftermath of my general anesthetic, I claim bad memory memory history and lots going on… It wasn’t that hard to pronounce, just impossible to remember. He was the specialist on fitting the “port-a-cath”.

I was told what would happen. Lymph node taken out. They would follow the radioactive fluid injected under my nipple last night (for you Nina), how it made its way to the connecting lymph node. And they would only take that node out, have it dissected and check for cancer cells in it. They would also inject a smurf color tint around and under the nipple. It should also color the “tubes” in the breast. It’s apparently quite important to know the difference of tissue and the “tubes”. My nipple would keep the smurf color for the next couple of months (!!!!) and the rest of my skin would turn a lite hint of green/light blue/grey for the next couple of days…

They would then let Mr “G” take over and fit the “port-a-cath” on my left side.

I signed all the papers involved swearing hospital off any meaningful responsibility if anything was to go wrong.

I had been warned off things that could happen. I could get headache, nausea, dizziness, bowls not working, bleeding, pain etc but the one thing I might get is a skinreaction. Scaley skin! It was very unusual but I was thinking scaley skin might go great with the blue tune of my skin! I never had seen myself as a scaley smurf before but hey-ho, it might go well with pink?!?

Everything went according to plan. Not a scale in sight. No nausea, headache or other bad things so far… I feel incredibly well for someone who has had 2 General anaesthetist in less than 10 days…

I bought my first Macmillan key ring yesterday. It’s a metal one with two lovebirds kissing,  it’s pink and almost looks like a heart. It will make a wonderful, meaningful present or it could possibly be used for my car key?! Either way with all my new library and the Macmillans being behind a good bit of it I thought some support their way should not be a bad one. 

Maybe I have to make another festival or something along those lines but either pair up Headway with Macmillan or do 2 events? If you are as me a very unfortunate person gifted with these ailments you just have to work twice as hard I having fun whilst opening the “unsee-ers” eyes to what goes on in your life!

The chemo has been forwarded to Wednesday! Meetings with oncologist, specialists, breast nurses etc booked in for Monday and Tuesday. A full week of wonders ahead!

I love the fact I have such a strong support and network of wonderful friends and people willing to share their time for not only me but for my whole family.

March is apparently a female friendly month with the 8/3 as International Woman’s Day. Let’s hope there is power to be had from that!

Now I will try and sleep in the city that ROCKS! It’s a Saturday night with all the wonders and sounds unfamiliar to a Swedish country girl from Mallorca.

Keep smiling 🙂 There are so many beautiful things and people around you. Let them in and touch your soul. Even just a little company for any force fed soul of digital media (sorry blog) can create wonderful new wings for tired spirits. 

13 thoughts on “First operation done

  1. Hej Emelie
    Läser om dina dagar och ditt krig mot de tre damerna och är helt övertygad om vem som kommer segra

  2. Hi em. Good luck for this week. When you are better you need to write a self help book on inner strength and positivity. You are an inspiration. Thinking of you xx

  3. Em you sound in strong positive spirits and it’s comforting to read how much support you have. Sending you a huge amount love xx

  4. Hej lilla vackra starka vän! Det är verkligen mycket du o din fina familj behöver gå igenom. Att höra din fighting spirit är lycka och att det finns många runt er som boostar ❤️ Nästa vecka kommer jag till Mallorca och ska yoga med Sandra liksom förra året då du körde mig. Om du hinner o kan vill jag verkligen komma förbi er o pussa på dig. Vi sitter just nu o njuter av första vårdagen i Stockhom o äter vår frukost i T-shirt utomhus. Underbart! Många många kramar o fulla med övertygelse, skickar vi hela familjen dig!

  5. Emily, you’re amazing! You’re positive outlook on life and its ups and downs is inspirational. Keep posting and let us know how you’re getting on; we want to hear more about the demise of Brenda, Brittany and Nina. By the way, Bunyola needs another festival, the last one you organised was so amazing we’ll definitely be at the next one.
    Take Care and be strong.
    Steve, Kate, Millie & Natasha

  6. Just to say how sorry we were to hear from Di that you are rather
    poorly. We wish you a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are with you.
    Derek and Judy with love

  7. Hi Emily, inspirational how you are dealing with another hurdle (pardon the horsey pun!) Colin and I wish you all best and a speedy recovery. To health, hope and happiness!

    Amy & Colin xx

  8. Ciao Bella,

    Reading about your possible likeness with a blue smurf I had to laugh a little ! A blue smurf I thougt to my self , I couldn’t see you at all as a smurfess. No in my mind Raven alias Mystique in X-men was much more appropriate ! Luckily no scales and it’s still you Emilie!
    I didn’t get to see the last festival so I really want to see the next one .
    Fingers crossed there will be no cancer cells in the lymph node and the three unwanted guests will be shranked down to crumbs ready to be taken out easily.
    Buy for now . Love Petra

  9. My gorgeous, strong, beautiful lady,

    Emily I have just caught up with all your blogs. Having been away for a while I was not aware of everything you had been going through recently. I wanted to send you all my love, strength and admiration for the way you handle any trial that comes your way. You are an inspiration, a bright spark, a unique woman the likes of which I have not often encountered. I am lucky enough to know you though. I will be in touch again soon and will keep reading.

    All my love beautiful Emily
    V x

  10. Hahaha THANKS for plotting against me!! I’m the sneaky little tumor? Well it’s true, I’m not too fond of living inside your smurf blue nipple…so it’s best you get me outta there fast!!

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