Final week of chemo “cycle”

I normally love a sport. Any sport except possibly rugby but this chemo palaver even though they call it a “cycle”, it’s pretty hard core and you feel yourself exhausted after going through it… I could classify it as a sport but in reality it’s anything but.

I’m in my 3d week after my 1st cycle (not the type you can take for a ride). My energy levels are acceptably high. Almost back to where I was before all the cancer. Remembering I wasn’t really top energetic before it all hence I had the eye operation.

It’s funny. Whenever I speak about my ailments to somebody new. Introducing them to the coma, TBI, paralyzed left hand side, learning to walk again, starting to ride, wrongly diagnosed parkinsonism, falling off and breaking my knee and elbow, then having a year of on off tiredness and double vision, followed by this latest breast cancer in the midst of sorting out my double vision… I even get tired listing it all up. I can understand people get tired listening to it. It’s unbelievable in a way. Hard to compare really.

I’ve been told I’m too blasé about telling people about my illness. That I shock people in the way I’m telling them I have cancer. I think part of me basically think that everybody knows (I guess from living on a small island) the second part of me is probably not really sensitive enough. I was trying to explain how I’m not really a sensitive person but I also don’t think I am cold at all. Only my temper messing with my award for mother of the month. It’s unfortunately quite sharp.

Everybody’s lives are different and we result in reacting to things happening in very different ways. The problem is when you don’t half recognize yourself in acts you do. I try and slow down, step away, breathe. I have managed to control my temper twice! 

At the moment I try and stay positive. My hair has started to fall out rapidly. It’s not big clumps yet but there is a lot of hair that falls out whenever I touch my hair. I wonder when I will take to the clippers? At least a no 2 (isn’t that a slang for a military haircut?) wouldn’t block my drain plug or make mess on my pillow. I’m not sure as to when to do it. Possibly when I go to England on Monday. We will see.

Diet: Doing well! 5 days without any sugar! Those little tumors can starve! Bye bye Brenda, Brittany and Nina!

Keep Smiling 🙂 there are vegetables you have never heard of, and some are super yummy!

8 thoughts on “Final week of chemo “cycle”

  1. Heja Em!! Bra jobbat med sockret, inte helt lätt det där… And good luck w the clippers whenever you decide to get them out! Pussssss. And, keep doing what you’re doing. Being who you’re being. Love

  2. Darling Emilie , you make me cry and laugh every time I read your enstolement !
    I have never met anybody fighting as hard as you do !
    Please try try the AN-DI energie charging therapy . when I did it ,it was amazing seeing the cels being recharged from hardly not seeing them to being recharged and turning bright Blue like a little led !
    Sending you all the love .

  3. You are amazing Emelie , you never fail to make me smile , your courage and determination when facing such an invasion of your body – you get my Mother of the year award , I am so proud to know you ! Keep Smiling ! Xxxx

  4. You stay just as you are.. Being sharp and short fused is a blessing, cuts out all the crap and ensures everyone knows how you feel/think!
    I believe I have a little bit of this trait and I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂

    lots of love to you Mrs Marsh as always.

    Keep blogging, smiling and being you!! Xxx

  5. Dear Emily, I don´t know you, but I do know your mother and I can see where you´ve got your strength from. I admire you immensely, your courage, your spirit and your way of handling your situation. It´s not fair that one person is made to endure so much.
    Fingers crossed for a prompt recovery. <3 <3
    Thinking of you!

  6. Fortsätt vara som du är. Det är ju det som gör dig till en vinnarskalle!

    BRA att du håller dig sockerfri (y) Kör skiten ur de där brudarna 🙂

  7. Du starka fantastiskt verbala begåvade roliga lilla människa! Fortsätt du precis som du är, det är skönt att få höra hur det egentligen ligger till utan kringelikrokar. Vi andra människor är oftast dåliga på att ta emot raka lite obehagliga svar. Och det är ju deras bekymmer – inte ditt.
    Ska bli spännande att se din nästa frisyr!
    Stora enorma kramar

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