Crew cut

We have done it! As a unity of the family some people share a meal, go to the cinema, go to the beach well we started a new team bonding of shaving mummy’s hair. My scalp had started to be a bit prickly painful and a lot of hair just fell out of its own accord or when you briefly just touched it. 

The decision was made. The clippers were to be used. As I was traveling to London today I didn’t want to keep shredding hair and bits of my funky style everywhere I went, ending up looking like one of the abandoned dogs in a rescue centre. The crew cut was going to become my new for now style.

I started taking a bit of the sides off. Holding my breath as I still wasn’t sure about my head shape. Mel was having a bath and she asked if she could help so I said yes! Dan also came in to help with the back of my head and to tidy up loose ends. Myrna finished the crown off and made sure no strangly bits were to be seen. I was sitting down on the bathroom floor at the time so I hadn’t seen how I looked. 

I stood up a little apprehensive to what I was going to see in the mirror but low and behold! I have a great head! It’s more or less the perfect shape! I don’t look stupid at all! I have known for some time I have a good hat head, but for me also to “pull off” the no-hair-head is fantastic news!

I can breathe a sigh of relief. Now I still have a couple of millimeters hair on my head but as the days go on I keep shredding the short hairs so soon I’ll be I think totally hairless. The prickly pain is still there a little bit, but not as much as yesterday and as I’ve today started wearing my wig as I’m travelling to the big smoke for my chemo tomorrow. It’s a great time to get used to the wig as it’s not as hot here as Mallorca.

I’ve heard you shouldn’t flash your bare scalp to the sun, otherwise I think as soon as the prickly painful sensation was to disappear I could grin and “bare” it, (that’s the scalp) but equally I don’t like people that I don’t know to wonder whats wrong with me when they meet me. I had this wig fitted when I was in London last and it fits really well. Looks like my own hair, only this is better! There really is no time needed to fix the style of it! I might wear it to the hairdresser to cut a fringe in it… We will have to see.

Keep smiling 🙂 under that head of hair there might be a magnificent head shape! Not an Avatarian/Kompany in sight!


7 thoughts on “Crew cut

  1. Hi Emelie,
    I bet you still look gorgous!! Hope the trip to London goes to plan and the next session works its´ bit. Incredible way to go about things is n´t it, poison the hell out of it and hope that your body copes. I can´t imagine, no one can imagine unless they have been through it, but I have never come across anyone who has stayed so positive and so inspirational. Safe travels, good luck and hope to see you when you are back, lots of love Kate, Steve, Millie and Tash xxx

  2. Jag VISSTE att du skulle ha snyggt huvud 🙂 Bär upp det med stolthet, fortsätt stråla!

    Många kramar från oss alla i Stocksund <3

  3. Angel Em, helt riktigt. Du har en mycket snygg shape. Grattis! Vill se bild på peruken också. Massa kramar

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