3am after 2d cycle

Just to clarify its not the cycle you can ride on. Second cycle of poison went in to my veins yesterday. The portacath was used incident free! Bloods were at an acceptable level and all went well! The treatment didn’t happen until 2.30pm so I wasn’t finished until 6.30pm. It steals time for you this malakey. 

My mum has yet again been my chaperon this time staying in the flat in Maidavale. As we both suffer from insomnia and basically stay very still when we are in bed we could stay in the same bed.  Yesterday it was fine. Tonight it has been fine until 3am, then nausea hit me. The problem with nausea when you lie down is that it’s like a wave. It rolls over you. So now I’ve left the lying down in bed position, taken my first of many anti sickness drugs and sat myself on the sofa covered with a duvet. I am thinking about pitying myself, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it would probably impare on my otherwise positive energy.

Yesterday I think I met the so far favorite on my “team”, the nutritionist! She was called Kelly and was really good and honest on so many levels. She took all the advise I have been given and discussed what part of the advise was in fact proved to be good and what part could be harmful and why. According to her you shouldn’t compleatly cut out sugar. As the tumors use 10mg of glucose/day and the body by it self can produce 15mg glucose by stealing (borrowing) from healthy tissue or the liver. So fruit are back on! But only whole fruit, raw not cooked. And not all fruit. I have a list of how much I can eat. Meat is also ok. The hemoglobin levels are helped by red meat but only 1-2 times per week. Fatty fish is on and supposedly up 3-4 times per week. It’s the omega 3 that we are after and she told me omega 3 has 2 parts to it. One that is called EPA that is available in plants and some seeds (chia) and DHA which only comes in oily fish. It comes in higher doses in fish that’s not white and small fishes that are really fishy are good for you. Just writing about this has made me have an acid reflux. The honesty part was first about the hairloss, she hadn’t spotted I was wearing a wig so that was great, but she was almost as blunt as the Spanish oncologist about the hair going to fall out. As I already have gone through that part of it I’m not too worried about it but the second part was weight gain! Oh come on! Is there not a less glamorous disease I could have been hit by? I get poisoned, feel sick, have my breasts cut in to and died blue, loose my hair AND gain weight! So unfair! The year 2015 was supposed to be the year to start jumping again. I had big plans to get back on my bike, even riding a bike to the stable some days. The 2015 bikini body was going to challenge the 2012 body I had before the accident (I wanted to put the 2006 bikini body because I have photographic evidence, but it was before 3 children and almost a decade ago so just not fair…)

Today, although in normal waking hours not this wolf time, I am going to see the surgeon that operated on my eye a month ago. I will have all the tests to see if he managed to correct the eye as much as he liked. Hopefully he will be happy. It feels fine. When I get tired on the chemo I’m never really up to challenge it, but it’s not double in the same way it used to be. We will see, update next time.

Keep smiling 🙂 the world keeps turning and somewhere it’s Gin O’clock! 


2 thoughts on “3am after 2d cycle

  1. Good morning ! You look great ! The wig looks like your hair just missing that pink streak in it and the Mallorca trip has given you a nice tan.
    You are an amazing writer, that book has to be written to other people that can’t be as positive as you.!
    Our dog had a 3h cross ligament op yesterday and he is feeling very sorry for himself . But is getting very clever in using 3 legs and even the only the front legs. He might end up as a circus dog after his 6 weeks convalescens is finished.
    I hope the sun is shining in London like it’s here ! The light is just so amazing at this time of the year.
    Love Petra

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