Energy where are you?

Ok so I live my life on a pretty live wire. I always have done, I might be able to change, who knows but the real me is the stopping for nothing kind. And here I am. Now sometimes so tired even just looking at me might make me fall asleep.

I am back from Sweden now. Test results from blood tests are back but have yet to be analyzed. They looked pretty normal though. Excellent in fact. I seam to have better blood values now than a couple of months ago. Even though my carriage is failing on many levels the core remains intact.

So they were looking for things that might have caused the accident. You just never know. Maybe something as simple as low blood sugar could have caused me to fit? Linda told me today that eating cinnamon keeps your blood sugar levels more level. I love cinnamon so that won’t be a problem for me.

Today has been a very long day. Started with riding 6 horses. Followed by some sightseeing and meeting up the very French Malik! Then back home for 1 1/2 hour yoga session. Then straight in to town to collect 2 kids from school. We now have to arrange kids swimming lessons as I can’t drive, she has to go with some other parents now that fear by all fear now Nicnak has left us.

It has been hanging over us like a dark cloud. Slowly but in-evidently drawing closer. Today was that dark day here. She has left. I don’t think the girls have cried yet. They are too excited about all sweets and presents she has left them. I haven’t cried yet. I think that’s because of my minimalistic feeling range meter. That I don’t allow myself to get wound up in feelings that make me upset if there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe people should try on my range meter? It sure would save them from a lot of heart ache.

Oh shouting from next door makes me needing to stop writing now. Upset in the house. They are all traveling to UK tomorrow and leaving me here.

Keep smiling 🙂 frowning gives you a headache!

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