Sweden for tests

So I find me in Sweden for the first time in a long time. It’s April and you’d think spring was closing in on Stockholm. Think again! It’s still winter here and it’s freezing. I’m wearing the warmest clothes and socks with uggs and scarf and I’m still cold.

I’m in Sweden for more tests. I get so tired often and a friend of my mum is a professor of blood and hormones. I have something called hypoglycemia. I have low blood sugar levels. Before and after eating. So I have been testing my blood before and after eating a little bit longer than a week and I test before a meal between 52-82 and after a meal 74-102. Blood is strange. It has strange behavior. I tested my mothers blood today. We had the same or similar breakfast and we tested our blood after 1.5hrs breakfast. Mine was 76 and mums was 170.

So not only did I get it confirmed that I was hypoglycemic but I have now also got mum scared of having diabetics… Oh lord. This could go on for a long time.

In Mallorca two more horses have arrived. Chili who is Syster Ysters only foal and Imzy that is the brother of Harry and Chili! Imzy has been ridden since he got of the ferry and he has been awesome but Chili has only been lunged. Primarily because of not trying to tire her after her long international journey and secondly because of Julie’s wondering if Chili was broken when she first got her! She got on her and Chili being so tense started running and being scared. She didn’t communicate very well with Julie and after a few laps she felt it safer to get off. I’m not trying her out before I get some energy back. We will see when I’m back in Mallorca tomorrow!

Keep Smiling 🙂 I know it’s been a week since I wrote this but when you finally remember something small like this it becomes big to me!

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