Bring on breathing difficulties!

Getting into August
Mallorca heat. It apparently was hotter than this last year. We try to finish work early. Riding finish before 10.30 am but it’s still over +32 degrees.
Today I was doing a canter exercise with all 4 horses. Leaving my legs feeling a bit like jelly.
Standing up in your stirrups for 64 laps of canter might not sound a lot but in time it’s basically a bit over 1 hour on a moving horse. I will feel it tomorrow.
I was ok this morning but as strangeness comes with this body after the accident I always have to double check everything. I lost my voice 2 days ago. For no reason. No cold, singing, screaming, fever. The same way as I lose my balance 2-4 days before I realize I have an illness, this might be a new way of finding out what’s to come?
The voice is back but I now am super tired. And I have a shortness of breath not seen for 4-7 years. Today after I got home I have been asleep most of the day. Sleeping does not make me any less tired, rather a bit more tired again.
I found an in date inhaler and that’s sorted out breathing! Now I’m in bed so hopefully sleep should sort out my tiredness! And hopefully I will breathe like normal again tomorrow!

Keep smiling 🙂 even if you are tired it can lift you!

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